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Great coffee... Great cause!

Tommy Shaw is the quintessential non-stop rocker with over four decades of belting out tunes with STYX, Damn Yankees, Shaw Blades and also as a solo artist. He keeps just as busy today as he ever was, fueled by both passion for writing all genres of music (most recently Bluegrass) and.... coffee.

"Some of my earliest memories are the sound of music and the smell of coffee coming from my mama's kitchen. In fact whenever I'm back to visit we instinctively head for her kitchen, where one of the first things she mentions is, 'I just brewed a fresh pot of coffee'".

On the road, Tommy is fully leaded with the STYX special brew. But at home, it's more relaxed. So Tommy has been cutting the special brew with 50% of Coffee Fool decafs, "It just makes my time at home more um, less wired. I enjoy coffee throughout day as I'm thinking up new music projects, or any project for that matter. I like knowing there's an excellent cup available to me and my people at all times." Read more »

Tommy's not kidding. He owns three coffee machines at home. Not because his house is a monster on the hill, quite the contrary. "Actually, I've got it figured out - from anywhere within the house and home studio, I'm never more than about ten paces from one of the machines."

Tommy's newest album, The Great Divide is a departure from the rocker style music he's better known for, "I've always respected the intricate workings of Flats & Scruggs from the late 50's, early 60's. They could really play. More recently Marty Stewart et al. I wanted to challenge myself, step out of my comfort zone and see where it took me."

Get Great Divide While finishing up work on The Great Divide album, Tommy asked us here at Coffee Fool, "I've been dividing up my coffee all these years from you guys, how about a high grade 50/50 blend to make my life a little easier? Let's call it the Great Divide and give back to charity."

We said, "Fantastic. Let's do it".

If you're ordering Tommy's Great Divide Blend, 100% of all profits go to support the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. http://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org/

Click Tommy's label for more info and to buy his organic 50/50 blend ------------>