Very very very good coffee. As a side note, Now you've done it! My wife is totally spoiled after seeing and smelling the oily beans in your bag. She thought the off-the-shelf ***** French roast beans were the best in the world, but I made the mistake of putting a sample of them alongside some of your Fair Trade French Roast beans. Have you done this? The visual difference is incredible. The taste is not even comparable. You beat ***** hands down.
Chillicothe, Iowa
Received my chocolate cherry coffee yesterday and made a ploy first thing this morning. oh HEAVEN!!!! thanks for the FRESH.
Murphy, North Carolina
Just wanted to let you know I LOVE your coffee!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful variety of such good coffee. I can't make it through my mornings without my coffee fool! A new, loyal customer,
To the gods of the fools (hehe), Just got a package of your Kona, absolutely amazing. Reading your site, was a bit skeptical, thinking it was just a way to get people to buy your coffee. Boy was I wrong! This is the best tasting stuff I've ever had. The first day I got it, I accidentally drank like 5 cups in the morning and was a bit...tweaked. Thanks for this fabulous mornings are that much better because of you :) just another fool,
New Brunswick, New Jersey
I just had to write and let me know that I ordered my first three bags of coffee from your site last week (Colombian Supremo). All I can say is that it is, by far, the best coffee I have ever had. You've got yourself a regular customer! Thanks for the great coffee and, yes, you've ruined me for all other coffee.
Belcamp, Maryland
Received my coffee today (fast service) and I can't wait to try a cup. Since I don't get out of the house very often, you coffee fools might be a large part of my Christmas giving. Can't believe I stumbled across you but I'm certainly glad I did.
Dahlonega, Georgia
Today my first order for some Colombian arrived. I am enjoying my first cup right now, and am hooked already! I am a flight attendant and try the local blends wherever I go. My favorite coffees, so far, are the ones that are roasted in Germany, and some in France are OK. But this Coffeefools" coffee is THE best coffee I've ever tasted! The fresh flavor is unreal! It tastes like (wait, I have to take another sip... ) dark chocolate! Wow! Thanks for this super product!
Oak Hill, Virginia
You're right, I'm ruined. So much for *****, *****, or any of those other gourmet losers. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Richmond, Virginia
I first visited your website exactly two minutes ago after reading an interesting google ad. I just wanted to say, "GREAT JOB". Your content is rich, and your writing style captivating. Perhaps someday I'll even get to try some of your coffee- regardless of consequences, of course!
My first order of coffee arrived late this afternoon. I couldn't wait to try it out, so I brewed up a pot of the Brazilian Santos, strong drip grind, and drank it black with a few grains of sugar. W O W! Smooth. Fragrant. This is COFFEE. I discovered you by following a link within a link within a link--I think? Be that as it may, your coffee is what coffee is supposed to taste like. Given half a chance, you could soon put ***** out of business. You haven't heard the last of me. I will be back!
Glendale, California
Keep up the good work. You are soldiers in the revolution. No one should be subject to the kind of coffee being offered most places. I have ordered from you before and your shipping costs are quite reasonable I think I will make you my coffee roaster of choice. Thanks for really good coffee.
Palm Harbor, Florida
Maybe we are caffeine idiots, all; however, I believe that a quality cup of coffee is essential to setting the mood for the rest of the day. I have been searching for a FRESH, FULL-BODIED coffee without the usual aftertaste that could peel paint from a battleship. The way of the coffee merchants world seem to be to sell the consumer either a bean that is so bland that it should be beige when it pours from the pot; or, conversely, it is so burned that it should be very dark gray, the color of ash. Only twice have I encountered a coffee that had a wonderful full body, that did not give my tongue an acid bath: once at ***** in San Diego and, luckily, now with Coffee Fool. For me that coffee is Puerto Rican Yauco. It is truly a superb coffee. It was so good in fact that I decided to give all of your coffees a try over the coming months. I am one of those people who can appreciate different roasts, blends and varieties, depending on my mood and health needs. Thank you for offering quality coffees at a fair market price. That's very rare indeed.
El Canyon, California
I tried the French roast today, and now I am really hooked! I love strong coffee - although a lighter one is nice at times as well. I really can tell the difference - you make drinking coffee a special treat!!!!!! I will never drink "stale" coffee again! *****'s pales in comparison! I am spreading the word as well! I have a friend who owns a coffee shop in NY and I emailed her your website, and my rave reviews.
Austin, Texas
I ordered a gift certificate (print) with my coffee order but it was not enclosed with my shipment. I can't find a way to print it from the website. Of course, I might be so wired up on your coffee that I simply can't figure it out. OMIGOD, I haven't tasted a Costa Rican coffee this good in 20 years - I am not kidding!!!!
Tracy, California
Coffee arrived yesterday! I was soooooooo excited I could hardly sleep! This am around 6 or so I ground the Hazelnut beans which by the way, as soon as I opened the package the wonderful aroma filled my kitchen! Made the coffee and ran back to hop in the shower. I filled my cup as well as my husbands. What an awesome way to start the day!! Thank you again for such a "true" coffee experience!
Charlotte, North Carolina
WHOA!!!! I just had the very best cup of coffee I have ever had! I found your website by (fate) mistake, and am hooked! I am one of those very very picky coffee drinkers...hates *****, tolerates *****, endures *****, refuses ***** in any form, enjoys the novelty of *****, and has made embarrassing scenes in restaurants that declared that they had excellent coffee. I don't drink much coffee per day, but what I do drink, I insist on perfection....and you are IT! Thank you
Tucson, Arizona
My coffee arrived today, and I made some Puerto Rico Yuacon right away. It was by far the smoothest coffee I've ever had! I first tried it black, and it was not bitter as I expected. then I added a little splenda--even better. I felt guilty with the addition of creamer. Talk about gilding the lily--wow! Anyway, is there a system so I can continue to get this fairly regularly, and lock in a price? Bottoms up!
Pennsauken, New Jersey
Thanks for my recent delivery. You were right - I'm now ruined for life! Stale coffee just won't do anymore.
Pasadena, California