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faqisland- Coffee Fool

What is Coffee Fool?
A small clan of about 80,000. Steadily growing one fool at a time. We're a family run company giving you that extra personal customer service. We roast and pack our own coffee - chosen by our excellent support team with over 30 year of experience in bean buying. So don't be afraid to try some of our coffee... unless of course you don't want to be spoiled.

faqstore- Coffee Fool

Can I get Coffee Fool in stores?
You probably won't find us. We do supply to quite a few specialty "mom and pop" family grocery stores and cafes, but not the big giants. That's because we won't compromise on quality (for example, supplying a lower grade of Arabica) to get on store shelves. So if you have a favorite mom and pop store or independent cafe that you visit often, do email us and let us know.

faqshipping- Coffee FoolI'm new here at Coffee Fool, any newbie discount?
Donuts and coffee are some of the little delights in life. But since you can't get donuts from us, how about a discount? If this is your first time at Coffee Fool and you order at least two bags, send us an email after you order and we'll refund the $3.95 Priority Mail shipping cost for you as a welcome.

yellowpig- Coffee Fool I'm a regular Coffee Fool, so how do I save some coin?
The best way is to email Natalie, our Valet Specialist. She will be able to figure out what discount she can give you if you would like to get a regular coffee order with us. She can even arrange to bill you if you order a larger amount of coffee. If you don't want to get a regular order, the next best option is our Foolish Friday Newsletter. Sign up and you will get an offer every Friday for 20% off our "leftover" coffees (they're not quite as fresh, but still foolishly delicious!).

faqbags- Coffee FoolDo you private label?
Yes. For those that like to sell their own brand; those that have a really large coffee addiction; or for special events, we run a program where if your need is for 100 bags or more a month, we will run your own coffee in your own specially designed bag (at no extra charge!). Great idea for weddings, corporate office gifts etc. Email us for pricing.