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Hi Ashley,
Perhaps this isn't quite the review you were looking for, but I actually don't drink coffee myself (tea for me thanks), so I bought the coffee for my mom. While that may not sound interesting in and of itself, please bear with me while I (briefly) explain why your coffee has made such an impact. My mom is a nurse and if you've ever known a nurse you know that coffee runs through their veins, for many it is their life source, but, they're not particularly picky about it since most hospitals and nursing homes provide coffee that tastes more like mislabeled sewage. Growing up my mom drank several pots of coffee in a day but then several years ago she had a heart attack and the doctors told her she couldn't have more than a cup or two a day anymore. To her credit, she handled this very well. Unfortunately 3 years ago she was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and sadly, one of the first things that Parkinson's does is dull the sense of smell and taste. Her ***** just wasn't any good anymore, the pleasure she used to find in her coffee was gone and I think she kept drinking more out of habit than anything. It was sad to see he being robbed of the simple things she loved so much and after a very rough February I decided I wanted to try to give her something back. I had stumbled upon your website about a year ago and I remembered the reviews and how everyone raved about the superior taste so I figured I had nothing to lose and I ordered her a couple bags of beans, bought a coffee grinder and french press to give her to best of the flavor I could (she loves new gadgets too), and crossed my fingers. Her first sip of the Brazilian Santo's had her back in love with coffee again. She remarked repeatedly about how much better it tastes than her old ***** that she has drank since my first memories and promptly tossed her old can out. She enjoys your coffee so much in fact that each night that she works she grinds enough beans for her and her coworkers to share and packs up her press to take with her and has found delight in sharing your coffee with other nurses.
For that, for giving my mom a little joy back in her day, and a little spark back...I owe you my undying gratitude and you have found a lifelong customer in someone who doesn't even drink coffee.
Gratefully Yours,
Cloquet, MN
(Sob!) It's true. I am now truly and completely a fool! Please, you must promise me you won't get so big that you will stop making such wonderful coffee. I couldn't bear for us to part when I have just found you. (Sob!) Someone at Amazon made an error (or maybe you have a fan in ordering?) and sent me a bag of your coconut coffee. I had actually ordered several bags of blueberry coffee from another company. ( I'm sorry. My ignorance knew no bounds. Please, forgive me.) I received your coffee as well as theirs (which I had tasted before and found acceptable). The others I have dallied with over the years (and I must admit, I trifled with many but was faithful to none) had left me with an unquenchable thirst for that which seemed unattainable - a truly magnificent cup of coffee. Still, I maintained the dream in spite of my repeated disappointments (and weekly therapy). Since my statement showed I had paid for your coffee, I felt obliged to try it. Expecting my usual disappointment, I opened the bag cautiously. What? Had I unknowingly died and been transported to coffee heaven? The aroma that assailed my nose made me giddy with delight. Coffee..fresh and, dare I believe it? Coconut? Hallelujah!!! My usual habit is for a little morning indulgence but such was my elation, I could not contain my passion. I had to indulge right then. Yes, I admit it. A little afternoon delight. My hand shook as I measured the object of my desire into the filter. Mere minutes later, my favored coffee cup was filling with the aromatic dark brew. And then, and then, I am ashamed to say, I blushed as if I had never before known such pleasure. Aaaah, delicious taste of finely roasted coffee and strong but not overpowering flavor of coconut. Ecstasy was mine. I was a fool. I knew it with my entire body and soul. Bless you and thank you. I am yours.
Lancaster, CA
Hey! You guys at Coffee Fool are spectacular! I just received a $5 gift certificate in the mail from you! WOw, bless my sox off. Will browse tonight and place a nice order in a day or so. Thank you. LOVE your coffee. Also generating a Christmas gift list, will place that order closer to Christmas. Or maybe give my gifts early. :-) Thank you again.
Sequim, WA
Hello, I'm a coffee hound from way back. I first started drinking coffee in the Army while pulling a lot of guard duty. Later I moved to New Orleans where my love for coffee really blossomed. I can still remember the smell of the roasting beans. After I left New Orleans I could never find a good cup of coffee. The taste was mediocre at best, it no longer woke me up and I drank it out of habit more than anything else. I tried specialty coffee houses at $5 a cup where everybody raved about the java but really it wasn't that good. I really felt like for some reason good coffee was no longer obtainable. I just finished my first cup of coffee from you guys and it was delightful. My first cup of really good french roast in many years; in fact my first cup of really good coffee in many years. I have never written a review of coffee before, but I felt compelled to do it now. Thanks for reviving a tradition which I thought was forever lost. I will be ordering more. PS: No offense, but if you interrupt my supply of coffee I will be forced to hunt you down and make you pay. :-D
San Saba, TX
Thanks! And just a word of more thanks--the customer service you provide has always been fantastic! It keeps me coming back. I hope you hear from others about the great product you provide as well as the prompt and cheerful service. Thank you, Natalie, and thank you Coffee Fool!
Hull, IA
Hi Ashley, your coffee is absolutely the best I have ever tasted! Fool's House French is dark and complex (the way I like it), yet smooth with no burnt after taste. Excellent! I gave Fool's Kenya AA a try even though I usually prefer a dark roast. Wow! I could drink this coffee all day! My mother came over for a visit the other day and I fixed her a cup. She said that it was the best coffee she ever had. My sister liked it too and she usually prefers a dark roast. Your description of this coffee is spot on and your right....You simply can't go wrong with this coffee. I ordered a bag of Fool's House Italian (medium) Friday. Can't wait to try it. Thank you for the email and keep up the great work.
Fullerton, CA
I've been a fan of Fool's Coffee for quite a while, I just don't order it all that frequently. I'm a hopeless addict, if it's coffee I'm happy; if it's good coffee I'm in heaven. The quality of your beans and roasts is second to none that I've found. It's refreshing to see a dark roast where it looks like the beans were individually dipped in motor oil, and, my goodness, does it taste good. Thanks for the coffee!
Cincinnati, OH
Executive Fools! I became pleasantly addicted to peppermint flavored coffee a few Christmas's ago. ******* being my favorite. ***** offers a Winter Blend, but sometimes it's a hit-or-miss and over time it comes to taste awful and I end up giving most of it away. I usually buy (no joke) enough peppermint coffee to last me 6 months, half way through a new year until October when the ******* shows up again. I ran out of ***** early this year and I began looking for an alternative. Most of the alternatives I tried I had hunted down on Amazon and they were awful. Just awful. If my math is correct (and it may not be) I was interning at a television network and the Coffee Fool was just three years old at the time and there was a coffee fool at the network who kept raving about the coffees that she had been getting. She was a huge fan of all things blue mountain. Being young and still stupid I dismissed this wonderful lady as being insane for not simply being happy with the ****** down the street. Flash forward to a few months ago and in desperation I found the website through Google searches for peppermint flavored coffee. I'm almost through my 5 bags of Mistletoe Kisses and I love it. I have also ordered Chocolate Mint and Cocoa Cream Spice and I think I can happily leave ******* coffees behind me. I've moved up in the world. I also sent a letter to the wonderful coffee fool who had tried to tell me about foolish coffee so many years ago when I chose not to listen. In my letter to her I offered to buy her a round of whatever coffee she wants. I owe her that much, maybe more. To you coffee fools I offer my most profound thanks. I'm glad to be a coffee fool, but I will not be sharing any with my coworkers anytime soon. Maybe in the future. Many, many, many thanks.
Dallas, TX
So far I am really loving your coffee experience. I did not have a clue that beans could actually be that dark, oily and remarkably fragrant. The taste has been extraordinary. Looking forward to drinking up and ordering more.
El Paso, TX

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