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Valet - We Save so you Save!

Here at Coffee Fool the best way to save some coin is through Natalie, our Valet Specialist. By joining Valet we save by better planning our bean buying and roasting, and can pass these additional savings onto you in the form of 25% to 30% off every order.

We also save you the time of your ordering yourself. No worries though - if you'd like to make a change to your order, just email us. We can cancel your order if you need (with a 24 hour notice), change coffees, put your order on hold, and increase or decrease the amount of bags you need. Feeling Foolish? Give us a list of coffees you'd like to try and we'll mix up your order every time for some variety.

Valet is completely flexible to you.

There is no commitment, no contracts or fees, and you can cancel at any time. Just let Natalie know:

1) The coffee(s) you'd like
2) The number of bags
3) When you want your order shipped
4) That's it! She'll take care of the rest.

To get started, email Natalie directly by clicking here.

Also, look below to see our Valet Testimonials!


For my next order I'd like the lock and load, flatpicker fuel and foolash goulash please. Thanks! (and thanks for the extra coffee last month after the mix up on delivery - was able to leave some with my sister.)
Westlake, OH
(teehee!) thanks! Andrea
Kansas City, MO
Hi Coffeefool Hope your winter is going along okay! I need to request a stop on my valet service for period of time please. My coffee is stockpiling, can't drink it fast enough. I will email you when I get the stockpile under control! Stay warm and stay healthy! Talk to you later.
Whittemore, MI
If you have a supervisor or boss or whatever, please let them know that you are one of the main reasons I am ordering coffee from yall. You are the best customer service person that I have ever had dealings with. The coffee is pretty darn good too. Thank you!
Dade City, FL
Have a great day too Natalie! Danny :)
Diamond Bar, CA
Thank you very much. Again, good customer service! With on line ordering sometimes is hard to get good help. Your customer skills are exceptional. Thanks you. Made my day and my mornings coming up because the coffee is exceptional also!
Newberg, OR
Bulverde, TX
LOL! Yes, a lot of people are 'pure' drinkers. I like them both, depending upon my mood. I like the 'surprise' of the 'unknown' blends too! Thank you very much for your help and you have a great day as well!!
Albany, NY
I just ran out of coffee! OMG! I had to go out and buy coffee from a grocery store!!!! YUCK! Can you ship my regular order out Monday? I miss my Coffee Fool coffee..... Thanks.
Mount Rainier, MD
Again, it is kind of fun to wonder what you have in the package each month (yeah, I don't get out much)! Thank you for taking the time for one customer. I have recommended you guys to many people. I'm wondering if you have any other Alma Michigan customers.If not, I'll work a little harder!
Alma, MI
Natalie/Coffee Fool: Wow!! Thank you for the quick shipment from payment. That was perfect timing--I had to buy a ******* coffee today but when I arrived home, found your package on my doorstep. I missed the intense smell of good, fresh, coffee beans. Thank you for my New Year's gift. I am glad to be back. Happy New Year!
Yakima, WA
Good thing for us both I'm happily married (as I bet you are), or I'd just have to propose...:) Give a man coffee or a power tool and he's putty in your hands! Thanks again Natalie.
Wallingford, PA
Thank you Natalie!
Miami Shores, FL
Just so I know...is this a typical service or are you guys crushing it again with over-the-top-Nordstrom-level customer attention? Either way, y'all are great.
Lake Mary, FL
I think we can leave the next scheduled order as is, both content and date, will let you know in advance if there needs to be any change. THANK YOU!!!!
Los Angeles, CA
Rogers, AR
Hi Natalie, Hope you're doing well. I just wanted to let you know, that for my 8/22 order I would like: 1 bag, whole bean, each of the following: Tanzanian Peaberry Vietnamese Creamy Chestnut Nicaraguan. Enjoy the rest of your Summer (hopefully, we can get a few more swimming days out of it). And, as always, Thank You. :)
Cascade, WI
Let's restart the valet order but change a few things: 5 bags today 5 bags every six weeks Thank you Natalie!!!
Lakeside, OR
Thanks again for your awesome service!
Oceanside, CA
As usual your service and attention to detail Natalie is wonderful. I will not get coffee anywhere else and I love the variety you send while still allowing me to adjust the list as I find different coffee's that I prefer. Again thank you,
Eva, AL
Thank you for your quick service.
Granville, OH
keep up the good work Natalie!
Marblehead, MA
Thanks Natalie! You're the Best!
Savannah, GA
Hi Natalie! Thanks WHY ARE YOU WORKING ON SUNDAY? You need to be doing what I am doing... staying inside where it is cool and drinking a beer! Ha ha! Yes! Whatever a strong drip means, it sounds like MY THING! Thanks A Lot! I appreciate how you are open to all my changes and rearrangements and postponements! Now Go Home and Get A Beer!
Newport News, VA
Egads! I will go broke on your coffee!!! Totally worth it.
Houston, TX
Oh that was so nice of you! Thank you Natalie, you're a real sweetie! Have a GREAT weekend too!
Royse, TX
I have to tell you Natalie every single time how much we love our coffee fool brew! Its better, sweeter, smoother than anything! And, thank you for such wonderful, prompt, efficient customer service!
Dallas, TX

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