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A few more of our fellow Coffee Fools ...

Hi Ashley,
Perhaps this isn't quite the review you were looking for, but I actually don't drink coffee myself (tea for me thanks), so I bought the coffee for my mom. While that may not sound interesting in and of itself, please bear with me while I (briefly) explain why your coffee has made such an impact. My mom is a nurse and if you've ever known a nurse you know that coffee runs through their veins, for many it is their life source, but, they're not particularly picky about it since most hospitals and nursing homes provide coffee that tastes more like mislabeled sewage. Growing up my mom drank several pots of coffee in a day but then several years ago she had a heart attack and the doctors told her she couldn't have more than a cup or two a day anymore. To her credit, she handled this very well. Unfortunately 3 years ago she was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and sadly, one of the first things that Parkinson's does is dull the sense of smell and taste. Her ***** just wasn't any good anymore, the pleasure she used to find in her coffee was gone and I think she kept drinking more out of habit than anything. It was sad to see he being robbed of the simple things she loved so much and after a very rough February I decided I wanted to try to give her something back. I had stumbled upon your website about a year ago and I remembered the reviews and how everyone raved about the superior taste so I figured I had nothing to lose and I ordered her a couple bags of beans, bought a coffee grinder and french press to give her to best of the flavor I could (she loves new gadgets too), and crossed my fingers. Her first sip of the Brazilian Santo's had her back in love with coffee again. She remarked repeatedly about how much better it tastes than her old ***** that she has drank since my first memories and promptly tossed her old can out. She enjoys your coffee so much in fact that each night that she works she grinds enough beans for her and her coworkers to share and packs up her press to take with her and has found delight in sharing your coffee with other nurses.
For that, for giving my mom a little joy back in her day, and a little spark back...I owe you my undying gratitude and you have found a lifelong customer in someone who doesn't even drink coffee.
Gratefully Yours,
Cloquet, MN
Sob!) It's true. I am now truly and completely a fool! Please, you must promise me you won't get so big that you will stop making such wonderful coffee. I couldn't bear for us to part when I have just found you. (Sob!) Someone at Amazon made an error (or maybe you have a fan in ordering?) and sent me a bag of your coconut coffee. I had actually ordered several bags of blueberry coffee from another company. ( I'm sorry. My ignorance knew no bounds. Please, forgive me.) I received your coffee as well as theirs (which I had tasted before and found acceptable). The others I have dallied with over the years (and I must admit, I trifled with many but was faithful to none) had left me with an unquenchable thirst for that which seemed unattainable - a truly magnificent cup of coffee. Still, I maintained the dream in spite of my repeated disappointments (and weekly therapy). Since my statement showed I had paid for your coffee, I felt obliged to try it. Expecting my usual disappointment, I opened the bag cautiously. What? Had I unknowingly died and been transported to coffee heaven? The aroma that assailed my nose made me giddy with delight. Coffee..fresh and, dare I believe it? Coconut? Hallelujah!!! My usual habit is for a little morning indulgence but such was my elation, I could not contain my passion. I had to indulge right then. Yes, I admit it. A little afternoon delight. My hand shook as I measured the object of my desire into the filter. Mere minutes later, my favored coffee cup was filling with the aromatic dark brew. And then, and then, I am ashamed to say, I blushed as if I had never before known such pleasure. Aaaah, delicious taste of finely roasted coffee and strong but not overpowering flavor of coconut. Ecstasy was mine. I was a fool. I knew it with my entire body and soul. Bless you and thank you. I am yours.
Lancaster, CA
Hey! You guys at Coffee Fool are spectacular! I just received a $5 gift certificate in the mail from you! WOw, bless my sox off. Will browse tonight and place a nice order in a day or so. Thank you. LOVE your coffee. Also generating a Christmas gift list, will place that order closer to Christmas. Or maybe give my gifts early. :-) Thank you again.
Sequim, WA
Hello, I'm a coffee hound from way back. I first started drinking coffee in the Army while pulling a lot of guard duty. Later I moved to New Orleans where my love for coffee really blossomed. I can still remember the smell of the roasting beans. After I left New Orleans I could never find a good cup of coffee. The taste was mediocre at best, it no longer woke me up and I drank it out of habit more than anything else. I tried specialty coffee houses at $5 a cup where everybody raved about the java but really it wasn't that good. I really felt like for some reason good coffee was no longer obtainable. I just finished my first cup of coffee from you guys and it was delightful. My first cup of really good french roast in many years; in fact my first cup of really good coffee in many years. I have never written a review of coffee before, but I felt compelled to do it now. Thanks for reviving a tradition which I thought was forever lost. I will be ordering more. PS: No offense, but if you interrupt my supply of coffee I will be forced to hunt you down and make you pay. :-D
San Saba, TX
Thanks! And just a word of more thanks--the customer service you provide has always been fantastic! It keeps me coming back. I hope you hear from others about the great product you provide as well as the prompt and cheerful service. Thank you, Natalie, and thank you Coffee Fool!
Hull, IA
Hi Ashley, your coffee is absolutely the best I have ever tasted! Fool's House French is dark and complex (the way I like it), yet smooth with no burnt after taste. Excellent! I gave Fool's Kenya AA a try even though I usually prefer a dark roast. Wow! I could drink this coffee all day! My mother came over for a visit the other day and I fixed her a cup. She said that it was the best coffee she ever had. My sister liked it too and she usually prefers a dark roast. Your description of this coffee is spot on and your right....You simply can't go wrong with this coffee. I ordered a bag of Fool's House Italian (medium) Friday. Can't wait to try it. Thank you for the email and keep up the great work.
Fullerton, CA
I've been a fan of Fool's Coffee for quite a while, I just don't order it all that frequently. I'm a hopeless addict, if it's coffee I'm happy; if it's good coffee I'm in heaven. The quality of your beans and roasts is second to none that I've found. It's refreshing to see a dark roast where it looks like the beans were individually dipped in motor oil, and, my goodness, does it taste good. Thanks for the coffee!
Cincinnati, OH
Executive Fools! I became pleasantly addicted to peppermint flavored coffee a few Christmas's ago. The Millstone Holiday Peppermint being my favorite. Einstein Bros. offers a Winter Blend, but sometimes it's a hit-or-miss and over time it comes to taste awful and I end up giving most of it away. I usually buy (no joke) enough peppermint coffee to last me 6 months, half way through a new year until October when the Millstone shows up again. I ran out of Millstone early this year and I began looking for an alternative. Most of the alternatives I tried I had hunted down on Amazon and they were awful. Just awful. If my math is correct (and it may not be) I was interning at a television network and the Coffee Fool was just three years old at the time and there was a coffee fool at the network who kept raving about the coffees that she had been getting. She was a huge fan of all things blue mountain. Being young and still stupid I dismissed this wonderful lady as being insane for not simply being happy with the Starbucks down the street. Flash forward to a few months ago and in desperation I found the website through Google searches for peppermint flavored coffee. I'm almost through my 5 bags of Mistletoe Kisses and I love it. I have also ordered Chocolate Mint and Cocoa Cream Spice and I think I can happily leave Millstone coffees behind me. I've moved up in the world. I also sent a letter to the wonderful coffee fool who had tried to tell me about foolish coffee so many years ago when I chose not to listen. In my letter to her I offered to buy her a round of whatever coffee she wants. I owe her that much, maybe more. To you coffee fools I offer my most profound thanks. I'm glad to be a coffee fool, but I will not be sharing any with my coworkers anytime soon. Maybe in the future. Many, many, many thanks.
Dallas, TX
So far I am really loving your coffee experience. I did not have a clue that beans could actually be that dark, oily and remarkably fragrant. The taste has been extraordinary. Looking forward to drinking up and ordering more.
El Paso, TX
Just a note to tell you what happened this morning at work. I have a one cup Melitta brewer. I make several single cups a day. This morning I brewed some Decaf Butterscotch for the first time. One of my co-workers came over and jokingly said she wanted to take the spent grounds and make potpourri out of them! This coffee smells sooooo good!! Thank you for your fabulous coffee!
Brockton, MA
Dear Coffee Fools, I just have to drop you a line to tell you that you roast the best, most flavorful, most creative line of coffee flavors ever. As a devoted flavored coffee drinker, I cannot even communicate the joy I feel to see the long line of coffee flavors that you offer...nor the happiness of receiving them in my mailbox and getting a huge whiff of those aromatic delicious beans. Thank you for being you, foolish and caffeinated and discerning of wonderful flavors.
Landenberg, PA
I must tell you that your company is a shining light in a sea of mediocre and disappointing organizations. It's not enough that you produce a superior product, but your customer service is of a caliber and standard of excellence unheard of in todays market place. When I gift my friends, I can be confident they will be impressed and positively love it and they do.
Sun City, AZ
Dear CF, Just a quick note of thanks for your pods. I am so happy to, once again, be a dedicated coffee fool. Your pods are awesome!! Can't say enough about the taste and quality. My life is just a bit brighter thanks to all at CF.
St James City, FL
WOW! I've known and loved Coffee Fool for a few years now and am a bona fide Fool for life, but when I got my order today and opened it up to find a FREE bag of 18 pods in one of my very favorite flavors, I was just floored! That was such a nice thing for you to do and I really do appreciate it. I've experienced nothing less than terrific service from day one and this just shows, once again, how much you care about your customers. Thank you, you silly Fools! You've just made my day and I've given you a big "atta boy" on my Facebook page to let my friends and family know how awesome you really are. Again, many thanks and Happy New Year!
San Antonio, TX
Just wanted to say that I've been getting my coffee here for four years now; possibly five. It truly is amazing how freshly roasted coffee makes everything else taste like garbage. I still go to *****, but I never buy coffee there anymore; only tea. My grandmother uses ****, and it is so nasty. I'm trying to convince her to start buying from Coffee Fool. I wish you guys had an actual cafe to chill at. I'd drive to MN just for that.
Pasadena, TX
Dear Sir, You were correct in your advertising that if I tried this coffee I would not want to go back to the products in the grocery store. Your coffee is so superior to the products at **** that I must continue to order your excellent products. Or the years I have tried most of the products on the coffee shelves at my grocery store and have been disappointed in all of them. Thank you for supplying America with an excellent product. Kindest regards.
Orlando, FL
Dear Coffee Fool, My mind whirls trying to find the most complimentary words without sounding like a sucka**. Plain and simple...your coffee is the best, hands down. I've been all over the United States and have tasted coffee from all over the world. I've belonged to "coffee clubs", drank nasty truck stop coffee and when I opened the first bag of coffee I ordered from y'all and smelled the fresh roasted aroma, I was smitten. That's been over 6 years ago. I will never be satisfied with store bought, restaurant, quick shop coffee again. Thank you.
Wichita Falls, TX
Just had my first cup of Sumatra and it is great. The beans ground smoothly, the formed a ice dome, filter through the filter not to fast or not to slow. I haven't had coffee like this for awhile. All the gourmet shops have what should be called gourmet mass market. Thanks
Brooklyn, NY
By the way, I bet some friends that your coffee, even from the pods, was better than any coffee they had ever had in their lives. Y'all won me $10, but they cleaned out my coffee stash.
Dallas, TX
The coffee I ordered arrived yesterday. Bright and early this morning I brewed the first pot. I'm hooked. It has been years since I have tasted coffee as smooth and full bodied as the Hazelnut coffee. I have drank from that thermos of coffee all day. It is cool by now and I just put the last of it in my cup. None of it will go to waste. Thanks for the goodness of this coffee,
Jacksonville, NC
Thank you so much, again! And I realized while I was drinking my Highlander Grog this morning that The Coffee Fool is, basically, the Yankee Candles of coffee...like their scents are so authentic, so are your flavors! :-) Just thought it was an interesting realization to make when I was waking up!
Indianapolis, IN
I love Sumatra coffee and now you introduce me to coffees from other unusual places. My coffee group really appreciated your Yemen Mocha, rated as the favorite. Now we have Vietnamese. And your speedy service is exceptional. So happy we found Foolish.
Huntersville, NC
Your coffee is the best!!! I've now had yours versus K's, and yours is the smoothest, tastiest, most full flavored. I'm yours for the life of my java needs.
Wappingers Falls, NY
Hi Becky, Thanks so much for your e-mail. I appreciate the pod holder so much. I couldn't see the spring style interior of the cup from your web page and since I already had a brown pod holder that looked identical to it, I didn't think I needed another one. Boy was I wrong! The Coffee Fool pods work wonderfully with your pod holder system.Thanks so much for including the holder with my order. When my box arrived on Tuesday, I immediately torn into it and made a cup for a friend who was visiting and myself. (Ok, truth be told we made four cups, hee hee) I think I have a new customer for you too!
Bloomington, MN
I have to admit, as a former roaster and coffee house consultant in Los Angeles, yours are probably the best flavored coffees I've ever experienced. Aside from the Boo-licious, which my taste buds just don't understand, every flavor is totally spot on! Just keep up the great work, both roasting and service-wise!!!
Indianapolis, IN
Amazing customer service! You posted on your website that you had a grinder problem. I took the post to mean that you wanted to know if others had experienced that same problem. I reported that I had just to let you know that it wasn't a one-time, one-person issue. The fact that a real live person took the time to correspond impressed my step-son, a college senior, as much as it did me. Also, resending the coffee was above and beyond in my experience. Now when I recommend the CoffeeFool to someone, I have more than just great coffee to brag about. Don't change!
Manassas, VA
Just received my chocolate espresso-- bless you!! luv all of you! I will be out of it for awhile just sitting here in the country sipping my choc espresso!!!!
Freeport, IL
I just recently ordered several different flavored coffee pods. Your coffee is undoubtedly the very best I have ever tasted in a pod. In fact, I was ready to stop using my coffee pod machine until I tried your coffee. I am reordering today as I have guests coming in soon who only drink de-caf. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job with your coffee.
Atlantic Beach, FL
I don't care if the Mayans are right about 2012...as long as I can keep getting my Coffee Fool!!!
Burtchville, MI
Dear Coffee Fools, Would like to write a testimonial: On Tuesday I ordered an assortment of coffees for a coffee gathering the next Monday. Assumed I would need to buy some at the supermarket. But the box arrived on Friday in plenty of time. You always surpass my expectations. Thanks dear Fools. Regards from Tom
Huntersville, NC
Wow! Thanks for the great service! It's one of the reasons I like buying from Coffee Fools! The coffees are great, too!
Ceresco, MI
Got my coffee yesterday and was sooooo glad to drink it this morning!! Enjoying the cremera flavor.. Your coffee is the best!!
Waukee, IA
Just tried the Galapagos on this Saturday morn. Wonderful stuff!! Mild, nutty, smooth, great. Thank you, have a nice weekend.
Vaughnsville, OH
Life is good ... but mornings are better. It's a wonderful feeling to know that within minutes of opening my eyes, the coffee will be hitting my bloodstream! SO, I messed up. I let myself run out of coffee. I know you have that automatic ship thing - but I change my order so much, I prefer not to use it. And, when I went to my coffee basket stash to get a new bag and realized the cupboard was bare! Arrrgghhh!!! BUT - my new order came this week and all is well again. All coffee's are not created equal. Once again, your coffee is the best - and you have ruined me for restaurant or grocery store coffee. (which is not necessarily a bad thing) Thank you for the great coffee! Hope you have a great weekend!
Salisbury, NC
Thank you for the great specials and such an awesome product. We tried your coffee for the first time last Dec. and are totally hooked! Thanks and much love from an MI insomniac and her fellow long time coffee addict. :)
Kalamazoo, MI
Becky, I received some Celebes Kalossi and an extra bag of Papua New Guinea recently and want you to know that they are both really good coffees. I gave my mail man (a really nice fellow who drives up my driveway to check on me) a small amount of the Papua and a few filters as he always comments on the fragrant package I get from time to time from the Coffee Fool. I made sure to include your address in the event of his becoming a customer. I am very appreciative of your coffee and your service. It is hard to get good food and drink, if you loose mobility and live 8 miles from the closest gas station, 10 miles from a grocery store it is difficult to get good coffee. Now I can purchase the absolute best coffee by merely clicking on a keyboard. I have never received a poor or average coffee from you, the least good coffee I have had from you was good, better than any in a store. The better coffees are transcendental and worth sharing, the Celebes Kalossi is so good that I find myself wondering if a particular occasion deserves a cup. I use a one cup drip machine, electric and it uses a #1 filter. The cup is the receptacle that I use to drink. This means that I only brew one cup at a time and I never have a stale or old cup of coffee. Thank you so very much for doing such a good job.
Mebane, NC
Hi again (from the coffee snob), Oh my goodness - it is true - this is the best and freshest coffee I have ever had. The first morning I ground so many beans that we had Amaretto for awhile. So smooth and no nasty aftertaste. This morning I made a fresh pot of Creme Brulee and it was like drinking a dessert. Haven't tried the Caribbean Hazelnut yet, but there is no doubt in my mind that we will enjoy that as well. So yes, feel free to send any newsletters and discounts to my email address. And thank you!
Zeeland, MI
No trouble with the site, Jenny - only my ability to make up my mind! the trouble is I have $50 in sb gift cards that I need to use - and I hate sb (how did I accumulate $50 in sb money? I have an sb fan boss who doesn't listen to me! ) Coffee prices have gone up a bit, as has everything else, so I was thinking the smart thing to do is use the sb money instead of ordering my coffee fool coffee... so I didn't finish the order. However, if I use the sb $$ for coffee, I know full well I'm going to hate it if I have a couple of pounds of sb that I have to work thru before I can "justify" getting what I want.... that does it. I'm going to find a different use for the sb cards. I deserve the best! I deserve coffee fool!!! Look for my completed order next Friday (I like the foolish friday deals!)
Columbus, OH
I have been a loyal customer to you and your 100% Hawaiian Kona (Extra Fancy) Coffee for years now, as it is simply the best cup of coffee on this earth and well worth the price tag. However, I just received my (3) bags of whole bean Maui coffee yesterday. That was an unbelievable, fresh,and flavorful cup of coffee. I was a fan after the first sip. I was so excited about trying that coffee I brewed it at 7:00pm last night and had all three cups I brewed. I didn't even share with my wife (who is pregnant). We loved the smell that drifted through our house as the coffee brewed. Any thought's of making a Maui or Kona scented coffee candle?? Just a thought. I highly recommend the Whole Bean Maui coffee to anyone who enjoys the Hawaiian Kona, but who can't afford the price tag of the Kona but still craves the taste of Hawaii's upper echelon coffee's. I personally will continue to buy both as they are two of the Premier coffees you offer. Thank you for offering Maui coffee.
Fredricksburg, VA
My favorite features of the pods are...less packaging waste, bigger variety of flavors and noticably more aroma when brewing!
Fargo, ND
I want to emphasize again how much I love this coffee and I continue to recommend it to people everywhere. No other coffee compares. I also appreciate that CF takes time to show their appreciation to customers. Absolutely one the the best companies I've done business with. Thanks to all of you working over there, from a very satisfied, and very pleased consumer.
Irving, TX
It is a cold morning here in Texas and flavors of the Maple Walnut coffee surely are delicious and hit the spot. There is nothing better than Coffee Fool coffee.
Lubbock, TX
I'm REALLY excited to try the coffee PODS. Sorry I couldn't order sooner. I CONTINUE to tell all friends and relatives that they CAN'T get BETTER coffee anywhere. Blessings to all at Coffee Fool.
Fontana, CA
Your product totally lives up to the hype. The absolute best coffee I have ever had! Bravo!!
Lawton, OK
I got my order and I was so delighted that I could drink it straight from the pot and you were right. Now I'm spoiled I only want to drink the fresh stuff not the stuff that has been on the shelves for several months. I will be back for more when I run out. I raise my cup to you guys!
Kissimmee, FL
I've been a customer and TOTALLY ENJOY my Coffee Fool Butter Rum flavored coffee. I was so sad when I realized I have to stop drinking caffeinated beverages, and looked at my remaining Butter Rum with desolation. I took a chance and ordered decaffeinated BR and was knocked out! I like it even better. I have none of the caffeine side-effects and ALL of the delight of flavor. What a relief -- my morning coffee just got better (and probably better for YOU) -- I can now drink it every day, and not just weekends. I love it. Thanks you coffee fools!!
Long Beach, CA
I'm a coffee fool!!!!!!! Love, love love your flavored coffees!!!!!! I will never buy coffee anywhere else now!!! The front door service is so so convenient!! Thanks for making me a Fool!!!!!
Minneapolis, KS
Great customer service is one of the reasons we've stuck with Coffee Fool for so long.
Richard, VA
I have to say, the CF coffees have been a huge hit at my company. We use a lot of beans for our size company, even in the hot summer. Many people are telling me how much they enjoy the various flavors. I saw the news about the new bags - once question I have, is there any thought about making the decaf coffees easier to identify? The small words around the label make it hard to quickly tell which is which. Keep up the great work!!
Parma, OH
I've been a customer for about four years. Wouldn't have it any other way. I've also told my friends and let them taste it. Across the board, they've all loved it. Thank you for being in business!
Austin, TX
Thank you for the great products and service!! I am a Coffee Fool and proud of it!!
Burtchville, MI
REALLY REALLY like your website - so easy to use, so informative. Hooray for your Techie folks!! (oh and your coffee too)
Berkley, CA
REALLY REALLY like your website - so easy to use, so informative. Hooray for your Techie folks!! (oh and your coffee too)
Berkley, CA
I just wanted to write and say thank you for mailing the fresh Coffee Fool coffee. Sometimes companies will not send packages to APO addresses due to the extra effort and paperwork involved. So I wanted to let you know that it's really appreciated from those of us that rely on the military postal system to bring these gifts from loved ones back home.
Major Bill Baker, USAF
Kandahar Air Base, Afghanistan
We absolutely love your coffees and have recommended it to all our friends in both California and down here in Nebraska.
Omaha, NE
Best coffee ever! Beats you-know-who-named after the first mate in a Herman Melville book...
El Paso, TX
The bacon-flavored coffee was, as you said, an unusual flavor. :-) I quite liked it, although I must say that I found it to be a bit more maple-flavored than bacon-flavored. Perhaps maple-cured bacon? Nevertheless, it made for a very nice cup of coffee, and was particularly fun to have in the mornings since it was kind of like a complete breakfast-in-a-cup. It made for a nice change of routine and a fun conversation-starter. Not to mention the fact that my house smelled wonderful all day after brewing the coffee! The fact that you use excellent quality beans for your flavored coffee makes a difference as well, as I've found that many flavored coffees from other places seem to use sub-par beans which they then try to cover up with a flavor. My mother, who doesn't really like coffee that much (she usually will only drink Mochas...and I think it's just the chocolate part she likes) thought that your bacon-flavored coffee was very good. So keep up the good work guys, and I look forward to trying more new and unusual coffees from The Coffee Fool in the future!
Cary, NC
Personally, I hate coffee with a passion. My wife, however, loves the stuff and Coffee Fool is the only place we order our coffee (Snoodle Doodle). What happened is that about 7 months ago we found out she was pregnant, so the coffee had to go. Once she is done carrying and feeding the new baby I'll be ordering up coffee regularly again :) I also must say, as a noted coffee hater, I actually can stomach the taste of a cup of Snoodle Doodle. I still prefer not to drink the stuff, but if I ever started I would be a "Fool" too. Thanks for the inquiry. Most companies nowadays just don't give a flying @#$! about their customers. Nice to know not all are like this.
Sarasota, FL
Just wanted to let you know that we placed a new order ~ but we really feel that, your generous offer aside to give us valet rates, well, it wouldn't really be fair to those folks who really deserve valet rates. We may be on a tight budget (like everyone else!), but so is your company. Our little orders probably don't make a whole lot of difference compared to corporate orders, but we sincerely want to support Coffee Fool because we love your coffee and all of you seem to be really nice people. Loyalty - even in small doses - is important. We hope you understand our reason for ordering the other day just like regular folk. Actually, it'll most likely make your delicious coffee taste even better knowing we're being loyal customers.
Barbara and William
Broadview, IL
It's a pleasure doing business with you. Not only do you have THE VERY BEST COFFEE ON THE PLANET, you're hands down, THE BEST CO. I'VE EVER DONE BUSINESS WITH. PERIOD!!!
Independence, MO
Thank you for the great customer service! You gave me a timely response and took the time to explain why my favorite coffee was no longer available. The offer to share your expertise in finding a comparable coffee to the Kauai was very nice, and I appreciate it. Good customer service is so rare these days and great customer service, as you have exemplified here, is almost unimaginable.
Tucson, AZ
I don't know how I'd get through a day without several large cups of your Fair Trade Colombian Supremo. Great stuff (I like to taste my coffee)!! Sure hope you guys stay in business.
Dallas, TX
Hi I just want to tell you how great your coffee is. After trying your brand, I can't stand the foul aroma of regular store bought brands. I am going to tell ALL my friends about you. After trying your coffee, drinking regular brands is simply criminal.
Sandwich, NH
I wrote a blog post about you guys, declaring that my favorite flavor is Creamy Chestnuts. Please don't ever stop making that flavor! It personally fuels my boyfriend and me throughout the week! Thanks for being, for lack of a better word, so awesome, and keep up the great work. You guys are good people who make incredible coffee.
Champaign, IL
I've turned several friends into Coffee Fool fans and they order regularly now. I can't stop recommending this website to people! I still haven't found a better source for coffee!
Irving, TX
A few days after placing the order with your company I received my coffee and after brewing myself a pot I can honestly say at that moment I found what I had been looking for all the years previous and to this day I will continue in being a customer of yours.
Salt Lake, UT
My wife and I are having a baby - we just found out! We love Coffee Fool coffee so much (just ordered my wife some decaf) that we are thinking of naming our baby "Coffee Fool Hammond" or perhaps "Cremera Peaberry Hammond". Thank you for terrific coffee and great service!!!!
Bumpass, VA
I have to tell you I am absolutely IN LOVE with Coffee Fool coffees. I recommend your site to every coffee snob I meet and give your coffees as gifts too! You guys are the greatest thing to ever happen to us coffeholics! Thank you!!
Leesville, SC
When I made the first payment, I didn't get paypal's usual confirmation page to come up so I went back to the page containing the shopping cart and followed through the usual process, when after the second time I got the confirmation. I'm not sure if it was the paypal site acting up or something else, but I'm glad you caught it and refunded the second payment. From my point of view, it was nothing your site did wrong. I think it must have been a glitch in paypal's, to even let me back into the pay-this-total step. I'm glad to be doing business with such sharp and honest people! Thank you and your coffee is truly the best in the world!!!!
Trotwood, OH
I am sorry to report that I have to withdraw from your "Valet Service". This in NO WAY whatsoever will stop me from buying your coffee. I just happened to be gifted with a huge amount of coffee beans. I will get back on board later, after the many pounds are gone. Thank you for your fabulous customer service, and your awesome coffee!
Shakopee, MN
Good morning fellow Coffee Fools I have been meaning to write for some time. My husband and I are both active duty Navy and travel the world. We have tasted coffee from every continent, yet we are always ready to come home to coffee fool. Even through our deployments, we send each other your coffee...my husband holds the record, he has gone through 11 pounds in 5 months...he shares it with his crew and they are now coffee fools as well. Don't change how you do it!
Hampton, VA
If you ever go away I just don't know what I will do.
Tome, NM
Thank you for answering these questions and as always, I'll look forward to the security of having my coffee, well actually YOUR coffee, in my hands and kitchen. Your Sumatra Mandheling is the only coffee that I can drink without getting an upset stomach due to the acid. I love your coffee and when I have offered it to guests (only very special guests), they always comment on how delicious and smooth it is even though I make very strong coffee.
Mason, TX
Glad to hear about Coffee Fool. I'll be for your coffee along with being an Apostolic preacher. The best to you folks.
Taylorville, IL
LOVE your coffee. I am now addicted!!!
Palos Park, IL
Your Kenyan AA is AWESOME.
Jackson, MS
CoffeeFool.com is the best. I have searched for this brand of whole bean coffee for a long time with no results until I found Coffee Fool.
Cleveland, OH
Thanks again for providing such high quality coffee and such a wide selection of flavors and blends. These three will be gifts as I am trying to send you as much business as possible to keep you in business. I cannot lose you now that I have just found you. Thanks so much. You have by far the finest coffees I have ever bought. I will be sending you a whole lot of business.
Kokomo, IN
Coffee Fool kicks butt!!!!!
Denver, CO
I had some of the Breakfast Blend and it is wonderful! Thank you for the speedy service. I was surprised to get my order so quickly.
Apache Junction, AZ
You guys make the best coffee!!!!!
Tacoma, WA
You really do have wonderful coffee with no bitterness whatsoever.
Tenafly, NJ
I was so pleased with my order, I want to try it again. You did a great job and am looking forward to this next Foolish Goulash.
Hilo, HI
Lovin' the coffee. Got the whole office, family and friends turned on to it. Thanks for making it so great every time!
Thousand Oaks, CA
Looking forward to trying some new flavors. Have not been disappointed yet. Thank you for great products.
Delphos, OH
Great coffee as always!!! Thanks!
Channahon, IL
Tastes and smells awesome every time! Keep up that quality control and you will be in business forever (just do not let any big corporation buy you out, no matter how much money they offer!) Thanks again. Glad I found you guys.
Indian Head, MD
Thank YOU!! Love, love, love your coffee.
Eagle River, AK
Your coffee is fantastic. The check out is extremely easy and efficient.
Columbine Valley, CO
For what it's worth, you guys are one of my favorite companies in the U.S. Great products, simple business practices, easy to use website, great customer service, reliable deliver, and fair prices. Congratulations. I'll be a customer as long as we're both around.
Armed Forces, Afghanistan
Thank you! Glad to be back with Coffee Fool!
Chicago, IL
I have to tell you every single time how much we love our Coffee Fool brew! It's better, sweeter and smoother than anything! And thank you for such wonderful, prompt and efficient customer service!
Dallas, TX
Delicious order and I anticipate every order. Love it every time, every cup. Thanks for the freshness - it's superb.
Sequim, WA
I want you to know how very much I LOVE your coffee!! Especially Velvet Hammer. I have turned a few friends on to your fabulous coffee. I am a Coffee Fool and proud to say so. It is my drug of choice. Don't drink or smoke - just caffeinate. And YOU make that the best thing ever.
Shakopee, MN
Are you foolish enough to send along the equipment for me to infuse your coffee INTRAVENOUSLY??!
Valencia, PA
Happy Holidays to all at the amazing Coffee Fool!!!! Thank you so much for the great products and service and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR too!!!
Burtchville, MI
The highlight of my day sometimes. Thanks!!!
Portage, OH
Thank you for your awesome coffee. Happy Holidays to you all at Coffee Fool!
Harleysville, PA
I have loved your coffee in 2010....wishing you a great 2011.
Universal City, Texas
I LOVE the Peaches and Orange flavor!
Waterloo, IA
Thanks again! Even in this economy, this is the one little pleasure I won't give up.
Fitchburg, MA
Thanks again for making a wonderful product. I hope you all have a great holiday.
Wells River, VT
I love your coffee!!!!
Rush, NY
Love the site upgrade and of course the coffee!
Grantsburg, WI
Thanks for making the 50/50/50 blend. It's perfect!
Houston, TX
Love your coffee and have told many.
Poland, OH
Your expertise is fantastic!
Sturtevant, WI
Thank you -- my family will LOVE this!
The Dalles, OR
Thank you for the best coffee on Earth!
Galloway, OH
Keep up the good work. This is the best coffee EVER!
Prescott Valley, AZ
This is hubby's very favorite coffee in the entire universe. Thank you for making it.
Arlington, Texas
Thanks for the good coffee. Everyone wants me to share out here in the middle of no where Afghanistan
Colorado Springs, CO
Love your coffee. I have converted the wife so she will now only drink Coffee Fool.
Scottsdale, AZ
Your coffee makes great gifts. Thanks for your great coffee!!! Love it.
Callaway, MD
You folks are artists! I ordered two of your coffees (Vienna House and Tanzanian Peaberry) to try out and they are by far the best I have ever had. Of the 50+ types of coffees I have tried out over the years, your coffees offer the absolute best flavor, brew up wonderfully and your prices beat out many other so-called "expert" coffee merchants. Just placed a new order from a few stronger beans to sample! Thank you so much for making coffee drinking more enjoyable! Keep up the great work!
Las Vegas, Nevada
Hello Fools -- I am hooked, I just got my 3rd. shipment of Fools House French. I used to work in New Your City (Now Retired) so I was a loyal customer of that big coffee guy located on every other corner in the city, but then I tried your House French, its got the strong kick that I like in a coffee, but on top of the kick it is smooooooth, a great way to start my day, my loyalty has changed, I am now a Coffee Fool...
Hackettstown, New Jersey
I'm so glad to be back! It was damn idiotic for me to try anything else. Ran low on funds and bought (horror of horrors!) ***** french roast. I'm barely surviving this awful coffee(?) and can't wait to get this order!
Yakima, Washington
I just wanted to say, my husband doesn't normally drink coffee, but he loves Coffee Fool!
Independence, Missouri
First let me begin by saying, I love, love, love your coffee, and I have proclaimed this love openly to anyone who will listen, on a regular basis. Since this love, I have converted 4 new fools to the fold! (Well, to be honest one taste of the luscious stuff that is your coffee converted them!). Today I have one very important to ask tho, recently, my girlfriend has gone vegan. Yay for her! However, she is unsure as am I, as to the vegan-ness of your coffees. So, I really need to know if the coffee from coffee fools is vegan, or if only some of it is? If only some, is there a list you can send to let me know? Thanks SO MUCH! LOVE YOUR COFFEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
Boston, Massachusetts
Just wanted to let you know my order (African Cinnamon, Tanzanian Peaberry, Snoodle Doodle) arrived in a very timely fashion. However, upon opening my order, there was a problem. As hard as I tried, I couldn't decide which to try first. It took me a half hour to realize I'm not getting through the day without having all three. So, that's just what I did. I brewed two cups of each and one was more awesome than the other. Six cups of coffee for one that normally drinks maybe two cups a day. You'll certainly be sending me more coffee in the near future.
Cold Spring, New York
Ok, I gave up coffee a few months back. You can see how long THAT lasted. hahaha. Anyway. I just had to write and tell you how much I enjoyed the 'foolish goulash'. PURRRRFECT!!! I gave one of your other coffees as a gift and they loved it, too. (big shock, right? HA!)
Olympia, Washington
Just a short note to say thank you for making me see the light... I am on my second shipment and cannot see ever going back to any other coffee. When I took my first sip of your Vienna, my thought was "this is so low-acid I could drink it black." While the Vienna is a little light for me (but it's still great), I found the Fool's Fire Starter equally smooth and just the pick-up I need in the morning. This second shipment includes four different coffees, which I am certain will be wonderful.
Raleigh, North Carolina
Well, thanks again, and you have a customer for life (and not just because of the sweet bribe). I truly love your coffees!
Mableton, Georgia
I will order some Jamaican as soon as you put it back online again. Sadly, I ran out and bought a competitor's product. While it was not horrible, it was not nearly as good as yours is. Now it is clear to me: I am yours for life.
Rush, New York
Hey Fools! Diggin' on the coffee. Wow. Of course you knew that didn't you, sneaky Fools infiltrating my taste buds that way.
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Your site works (and looks) great! Give your programmers free coffee!
Waldorf, Maryland
I just added myself to follow you on Twitter (adawnblond)...thought you might find this amusing as I have 'tweeted' about Coffee Fool twice, you can go back and check it out!
Tucson, Arizona
Great Coffee ---- My wife and I think without any doubt that Coffee Fool Coffee is the VERY best!!!!!!!
Dothan, Alabama
You have the best coffee, especially the Blue!
Westminster, California
I have tried coffee from many different companies and can honestly say yours is absolutely the best tasting coffee I've EVER had. The only problem is there are SO many flavors to choose from!!!
Jackson, New Jersey
I ordered 4 varieties and started with one of the lower end (not the Kona or Jamaican) and was totally impressed. I normally use sugar and half and half... I tried your fresh grind plain and was just floored. I am hooked and will be subscribing to your great skills after I drink up this first batch....
Stanfield, Oregon
Ya'll hooked me! I was just surfing around and came across your site. I read your ad and decided to give you a try. I actually wasn't expecting much but after I tasted the first cup I was hooked. I drink either ***** or *****, but not anymore. I ordered the Italian dark and the Italian light. Haven't opened the light yet but I know it will be good if it's anything like the dark. I will be putting in another order soon for something different as I like to experiment, maybe something with Kona in it. Looking forward to going to the mailbox again.
Travelers Rest, South Carolina
I want to tell you how much I appreciate your Company. In our no service and pass-the-buck world, it is refreshing and encouraging to experience an organization that is responsive and jealous over quality control.
Fayetteville, Georgia
I am writing to tell you how much I love this new blend. Formerly, I was a fool for your Kenyan, which had such a rich aftertaste and dark tones. But Good God Almighty! This Lock and Load is something else. I have had coffee in the Pacific Northwest, all across the Southwest, New York and the Eastern Seaboard, and all across Europe, including German coffee, which they highly value. I've even had Romanian coffee, which can get pretty strong. Still, your amazing blend has all the strength I have ever tasted, without some of the nastiness of French roasts and Italian roasts. I am working longer hours, and getting a lot more done, too! But the taste is the real prize.
Van Nuys, California
You have kick butt customer service :)
Alpharetta, Georgia
My girlfriend and I have been hooked on your Styx Blend ever since seeing the product on a vending table at a Styx Concert in Saratoga, California last fall. As a long time Styx fan going back to 1972, I thought it was pretty cool to try a bag of their coffee... but I've gotta tell you, it is absolutely the best coffee we have had... anywhere. I caught the group, again, at a very small theatre (500 people) in Salinas, California last February and was telling people about your coffee and had the great fortune to get Tommy Shaw to sign my 33 1/3 LP of "Crystal Ball"... a vital piece of my vinyl that has been with me since I bought it in Sparta, Illinois... high school... 1976.
San Mateo, California
I really love you guys. I have had maybe 2 cups of coffee outside of work that wasn't from coffee fool since I started ordering last year. I rave about your stuff.
Baltimore, Maryland
I'm down to my last package of coffee and I dont want to go thru withdrawl...I love your coffee...call me a fool.....but....I'm spoiled now and prefer your coffees!!!
Newfane, New York
I am a certified coffee fool who can hardly wait for this order to arrive! Maintain your excellence!
Brentwood, Tennessee
Your coffee is so delicious i couldn't help but boast my morning brew...but now i have to buy bags for my friends...life is so hard
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Just got my order today and I'm definitely impressed. I brewed up a pot of the Mocha Java and I can't get over how smooth and rich the coffee is. I'm finding a new flavor to it with every sip. I'm having a blast drinking it black and I'm usually a two or three sugars and one or two creams kind of girl. What an incredible way to break in my new coffee maker! Keep up the good work and expect to hear from me again and again!
Conway, Arkansas
I went to the supermarket to buy organic, shade-grown, fair trade coffee. Ground it into a bag and then sniffed it...oh my gawd...it was like smelling a dirty ashtray. So, Coffee Fool, I'm back to you and your coffee that smells like coffee!
Boise, Idaho
First off I need to immediately thank you and apologize. Thank you for providing the absolute best coffee I have ever tasted! I would like to apologize for not ordering sooner, honestly it seems too good to be true, but I finally said "what the hell" and gave it a shot. I came home from work yesterday to find my Puerto Rican Yauco had arrived, I opened up the package and took a sniff, simply amazing. I have been excited before, but this was like christmas excitement. I had been talking about the Coffee Fool at work since I ordered my coffee, so I agreed to brew the first cup at work the next morning. Let's fastforward to today, 8 am. We were all skeptical so we decided to do a taste test, the new stuff vs the old stuff (as a side note everyone hates the bitter taste of the old stuff). We made a pot of each and disbursed it accordingly. I tasted the old stuff first...lame. I took a sip of the new stuff...All I can say is WOW!!!! I couldn't believe how different the coffee tasted. Immediately I was bombarded with wave upon wave of glorious flavor and pleasant thoughts! You really can taste the freshness and the warmth of a perfect roast. Its coffee that tastes the same way it smells! No bitter aftertaste, I kept waiting for that nasty little bite at the end like the old stuff, but it never came. Another thought hit me. After 14 years of coffee drinking I thought I had tasted it all, boy was I wrong. I look up to see my co-workers doing the same thing. Almost simultaneously we all said "man, now that's a cup of coffee" I followed it up with "What have we been missing all these years?!" Just to make sure this wasn't our imagination, we tasted the old stuff again...bad decision. "Did I just lick the trashcan?" a co-worker exclaimed. We decided to throw the old stuff out. The hardest part in buying, is the website looks too good to be true. Finally, I have found a good company that sells a quality product!
Houston, Texas
You did it!!!! You have another CoffeeFool to add to your list. I ordered the Smooth Sailing Blend... and I must say, that I have been drinking coffee for most of my 54 adult years... and I have never tasted such a grand flavor of coffee as I tasted with my first cup of your Smooth Sailing. Thank you for this great product... a grateful customer...
Mary Ann
Berlin, Wisconsin
Hi! I'm out of coffee again. Can you please check that my next order is shipping Monday? I am so in love with Firestarter I can't even tell you . . . nothing else compares, and I was a ***** headquarters employee until the big layoff last summer. I was drinking your coffee then too!
Seattle, Washington
Just for the heck of it I've wandered the internet and tried a few other coffees - YUCK! Yours is by FAR the best! I'm staying with you.
Waterloo, Iowa
Thank you, my wife is addicted. I've saved a fortune since she started drinking your coffee, she has lost her taste for ***** and other like establishments.
Norfolk, Virginia
Hey folks. I *NEVER* write to places or send reviews but you guys *ROCK!* I have had my share of Kona coffee and Kona blends, some at ridiculous prices directly from good estates. Just getting the Kona *Blend* from you guys was better than any pure Kona I've ever had...seriously. The light roast and french press grind is absolutely perfect pieces for my press. I have a burr grinder now but I just can't get it to come out nearly as perfect as your french press grind. So great job and thanks for the discount on the next purchase...maybe this time I'll spring for the real deal, pure Kona baby! Keep up the good work and I really do tell all my friends who like gourmet coffee about you guys, so hopefully you will see some more orders coming from northern Maine soon. Keep up the good work and stay who you are...don't sell out. You're the best.
Caribou, Maine
I'm back. I have been trying to save money by purchasing cheaper coffees. I finally realized it is not cheaper to buy coffee you can't stand and then have to throw out. As such, I have ceased to enjoy my morning cup. I now know that I have been fooling myself into thinking I am actually saving money. I love your coffee and your prompt delivery. Can't wait to get this shipment and enjoy my first cup of real coffee again. Thanks!
Rochelle, Virginia
I LOVE YOUR COFFEE! My family has been going through hard times, like a lot of folks, I lost my job. As a result, we've been cutting corners, which included your coffee. I'm the only one in my household who drinks it, so nobody else knows/cares what kind of coffee is purchased. I've been buying "*****" (which I just found out is actually hyped up *****,) or some other similar off-the-shelf crap (including the "s word" company, you know, *****.) But, I recently watched a show on Discovery about coffee, and remembered that I used to enjoy drinking your Puerto Rican Yauco. It is something I should do for myself. When I received it in the mail today, I ran (literally) to my grinder, and made a cup via my press. Man, I remember why I buy from you. It's a whole different world of taste, which lends credibility of your front page paragraph. I just thought I'd drop you a note to let you know that I still absolutely am in love with your product. Thanks, and keep it up!
Wichita, Kansas
I just wanted you to know that your fan club is expanding here in Northern Indiana. I am a minister (and everyone knows most of us are addicted to coffee!) and one of our adult Sunday School classes had a tradition of brewing a pot of *****'s coffee every Sunday morning. Ick. I dumped the *****'s in a trash can (seemed like the right place for it...) and substituted a bag of Secret Bean into the coffee keeper. I share my regular shipment of Secret Bean with the class. For you strict religious legalists...this is indeed sacrificial giving above and beyond the tithe! We now have the most popular Sunday School class in the church!
Butler, Indiana
I can't drink the store bought anymore. It's disgusting after I got used to the good stuff. I stopped a month ago because of the economy. I was standing in the coffee isle begrudgingly holding a bag of dried up ***** and this woman asked "is that good coffee?" and I said..."No, I don't know what I'm doing" and told her about the best coffee ever and where to get it. I tell everyone. I described how sweet and oily the beans are and then put the bag back on the dusty store shelf. I want my Fool's House French back please, two bags at once, shipped once a month please. I'll save on freight this way right? I'll take the next shipment asap please.
Florence, Oregon
I am not a fan of ***** coffee. Friends come over to drink my coffee and I am sick of it. They act like they want to see me but it's my fools coffee they want.
Summerset, New Jersey
Smooth Sailing is so good I have been drinking it more often. Thanks to my new grind and brew coffee maker I get the full effect of fresh ground coffee. And yours is the BEST. With acid reflux I thought I'd have to give up coffee all together. I haven't seen low acid coffee anywhere else. So keep up the good work (taste). If I could change my order to every eight weeks I would appreciate it. I'm almost out already. Thanks again.
Rosamond, California
To be very open, your coffee is so good that I currently get all of my coffee exclusively from you. The other day I was given a take out cup of ***** by a well meaning friend. While I said nothing negative to the generous soul that got it for me, it was dreadful and that alloyed my allegiance to Coffee Fool. Later that day I returned the favor to my friend with a fresh cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain. I don't think he will ever go back to *****. True Story.
Rush, New York
Hey thanks a lot. We really do enjoy your coffee, however it really ruins coffee from the grocery store or from ***** for that matter...and thank you ... you will hear from us again and we tell everyone about you...
Quitman, Texas
Your coffee is much better than *****, and I can get the grind that I like.
Jessup, Maryland
The bag 'o Fender Brew is FANTASTIC!!!! Is there any way to order it (I think you all said that it's a one time deal) or is there anything else you have that comes close to it?? We Loved it sooooo much! You guys are the best
North Canton, Ohio
Will you please half our order of Tanzanian until I change it back? We're really getting backlogged. My husband is on dialysis and is strictly limited in fluid intake, so he's not able to drink nearly as much coffee as he used to. Thanks so much! We're spreading the word about Coffee Fool and sharing our Tanzanian. Two friends who always drink coffee w/sugar and creamer will only drink the Tanzanian black. It's the best coffee we've ever tasted and we drank ***** exclusively for about 5 years. No more! There's no comparison. And, your customer service is excellent!
Campbell, Texas
Good stuff guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
West Fargo, North Dakota
Got the coffee. Thank goodness. A little story. In the 60's and 70's I was told about straight beans and being able to taste the coffee, from a man named Ti at ***** Coffee on Christopher St in the West Village in NYC. It was the oldest business of it's kind at the time. With all of the different coffee houses and companies the buzz seemed to grow but the coffee seemed to get pretty bad. And of course ***** went out of business. Not to say that I never had a good cup of coffee, but it certainly seemed to get fewer and far between. Some how I came across you folks and well.......you guys have some great coffee. Thanks,
Reston, Virginia
Listen you Fools, You have really done it this time... Now I'm a fool too. I have done comparison tests (albeit in my own subjective and non professional way) against my ***** and ***** favorites and you're right; I don't think I've ever had really fresh coffee before. This is a "duh" moment that took over forty years of my life to happen. Thank you fools, you've converted another one. Mahalo (thanks) for all,
Honolulu, Hawaii
Greetings from San Antonio. I'm a new customer. I do like the flavor of the coffee and it IS different than the other beans I have purchased elsewhere. I use a French Press carafe and it makes wonderful coffee. Next time I'll try a darker roast.
San Antonio, Texas
I was running late for work about a month ago, so I took enough fresh ground Pecan Supreme into work to make a pot and have since been besieged to "bring more" and "Did you bring coffee?" (Being a pushover I do take coffee in fairly frequently). Now they're accusing me of getting into the evidence room and doctoring the coffee with illegal substances. Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that because of your coffee, I have been able to acquire amazing power over my co-workers. Great job!
Marysville, California
Hi Coffee Fools, I was absolutely not expecting such a quick reply and such stellar customer service, especially since it was the postal service's error. I am definitely looking forward to my next order as well as continuing to recommend Coffee Fool to all my friends, family, and coworkers. Thank you so much!
Livonia, Michigan
Thank you for being so prompt with shipment of my recurrent order. I did not have enough coffee left to even make one cup. Thanks, again
Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Thank you so very much for the quick response. If hadn't asked, I just know it would have been an accidental oversight in shipping and then I'd not have had the coffee break passes for stocking stuffers! Murphy's Law - I just knew as soon as I asked, they'd show up in the mail, which they did today - and I LOVE THEM!! They are really cute, but not so cute a guy wouldn't wear one along with his usual ID badge. Thank you -
Minneapolis, Minnesota
I really appreciate your taking the time and I can breathe easy because you are going to stay successful but not mega-big. I try to support local, sustainable, responsible, food and drink. Of course, coffee isn't exactly local but I have no problem with that (and okay, I'm addicted). I'd try growing coffee myself but (a) it probably wouldn't work and (b) in this particular urban area, gro-lights glowing for many hours through a basement window would draw the wrong kind of attention. So Coffee Fool it is! I'll sign on now and order some Malawi. Ahh, the digital memory....thanks for storing it! I never would have remembered.
Richmond, VA
Good evening. I saw your site months ago and kind of shrugged it off thinking you were exaggerating. Last week I decided to give you a try and, well, my wife and I are now addicted! The coffee that I used to think was great now tastes like crap compared. I am currently brewing it through one of those Keurig single cup brewers. I also have a Cuisinart Grind-and-brew drip coffee maker that has a grinder built in that grinds directly into the basket. I also have a French press that I haven't used in a long time, but I do not have a grinder that will coarse grind for the press. If I were to buy a grinder do you have a make and model that you would suggest for someone on a tight budget? I apologize for the deluge of questions but you have turned me into an even bigger coffee freak than I was before. I'm like a giddy little school girl and can't wait for the next delivery. I drank the last cup Sunday and have been dying for more. I am telling everyone I know about your site and will drum up as much business I can for you. Please free to use this e-mail as a testimonial if you ever add that to your site. Thank you so much for your time and for showing us what coffee is truly supposed to taste like! Have a great evening!
Waterford, Michigan
Anyway, your coffee is wonderful. My favorite is the Organic Fair Trade Breakfast Brew. I sent some to my cousin in Houston for Christmas, so hope he agrees that it's the best. Thanks for great coffee.
Morristown, Tennessee
Just wanted to know if you guys (and gal) offer Gift Certificates? My husband, LOVES, your coffee! It all started while deployed in Iraq. We, the family would like to purchase some for him so he can continue to feed his COFFEE FOOL addiction! Thanks!
Marysville, California
Hello, I absolutely love you're coffee!! I've been a customer for years, but my question is this......I have recently been diagnosed as having Diabetes and would like to know if all you're flavored coffees are sugar free......If not could you please tell me which ones are not, since i need to restrict sugar from my diet now. Thank you for you're wonderful coffee, I am a BIG fan and it's the ONLY coffee I now buy, plus I take it to work and serve it to them.......It's a fav, for sure..have a wonderful day!!..........
East Dubuque, Illinois
What a pleasure to do business with a company who provides timely, personal responses!
Baldwinsville, New York
I love your coffee. I served it over TG for two dinner parties and everyone commented on how great it was (which I thought never happened spontaneously except in ***** commercials from 20 years ago). Best,
Chicago, Illinois
Thank you so much. We appreciate your prompt reply to our email. I told my husband that your company is awesome and stands behind their product. You've done it, again.
Concord, North Carolina
I got some of my friends hooked on your coffee and they could not believe the difference in the taste compared to store coffee.
Seattle, Washington
I'm sitting here drinking my second cup of Foolash Goulash and I have to say WOW! I expected it to be good, all your coffee is, but I didn't expect it to be this good. There are some very interesting high and low notes, with a little kick at the end. This is a great idea for anyone wanting to save a little cash or who is somewhat adventurous. Thank you for an extremely interesting cup.
Epping, New Hampshire
Thanks for the follow-up. I can't tell you how thrilled I am with your service and coffee. Even the packaging was so cool. Everything you say on your Web site is true. I had never smelled such fresh coffee as when I first opened the bags when my order arrived. I've told everyone about your service/coffee and will be ordering more soon.
Atlanta, Georgia
Oh ok, that's right, this is a busy time for the Postal Service. Makes total sense. Thank you for your prompt reply. By the way, I LOVE, LOVE, absolutely LOVE your coffee! I've tried 4 different kinds so far and I like all of them. They are all so unique in flavor, but they are all so GOOD!! So, thank you for making the best coffee! And thanks for the update. Have a great day
Bakersfield, California
AWWWWW, I LOVE YOUR ENTRY statement...I AM HOOKED, and I just ordered for my two attys at work...they will be HOOKED TOO!!!! IT'S JUST THE BEST!!!!
Frisco, Texas
I was worried that you may not be able to do this. You guys are so totally awesome! We used to get coffee from ***** way back when, and thought that was good coffee. When I finally talked my husband into trying your coffee a few years ago, he proclaimed? that he would NEVER go back! He actually compared their coffee to a high priced version of ***** coffee. LOL!! Now we have another friend over for dinner every night and he can't live without after dinner coffee. We always double our order so that half goes straight to him. You have another convert! He is a MAJOR coffee drinker and goes through several pots a day. Your coffee is the only coffee anyone in this house will drink! Kudos on developing what this family believes is the best coffee in the world!!! ? ? ? ? P.S. your Creme Brulee is the best! I have a hard time drinking "real" coffee due to the acid in it, but I tried the Creme Brulee and I absolutely love it! Now I can drink real coffee with the big kids! Thank you! Have a great Thanksgiving!
Benton City, Washington
I wanted to thank all of you for taking such good care of me. I'm hooked on your dark Italian roast and the Fire Starter. You have the best coffee in the business. Sincerely,
Las Vegas, Nevada
Hi! WE are new customers and just placed our second order. Your coffee is wonderful! I had been a ***** customer for years just for their chocolate raspberry coffee flavor which was hard to find elsewhere UNTIL I accidentally found your website and after my first shipment from you, had to cancel *****, and am now your customer! Anyway I just placed my second order with coffee fools and want to send your coffee to my cousins as a present and they do not have a coffee grinder so I wonder if you sell coffee grinders (did not see on the website). thanks and happy thanksgiving.
Bolder City, Nevada
I just wanted to say that I've been a coffee fool for about a year now and after my most recent order, I've fallen in love with your African Cinnamon. My god, that coffee is sooo good! There are plenty others on your website that I have yet to try, but I just wanted to e-mail you and tell you how pleased I am with your coffee (and of course, which coffee has captured my heart...)! Keep doing what you're doing!
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Your coffee is the very best! I've looked everywhere for coffee as good as this. Don't ever desert us!
Kettering, Ohio
Made my first pot and tasted it. Said to my self, "what's wrong with this coffee? Then it hit me, NOTHING!!! 45 years of drinking coffee and I finally had my first cup of really GOOD stuff. I'm ruined for even the fuax gourmet beans in he local stores. I'm now a very proud new FOOL!!
Shippensburg, Pennsylvani
Thank you for writing back and so quickly. I appreciate the good customer service because I think the whole concept is completely disappeared here in South Florida.........thanks again.
Miramar, Florida
It is a vacation just looking at your website because I seem to be able to smell the roasting of the freshly ground (ripe) beans emanating from my computer which realizes my senses of being on vacation in a quaint coffee bar.
Simi Valley, California
Hi fellow fools. My shipment from my first purchase just arrived and I am very pleased. Had the Kona yesterday morning, had the blue mountain this morning and will have the Boxmasters blend tomorrow morning. As I am homebound due to failing health, cancer and c o p d and now have limited treats, I am happy to be a fool and look forward to enjoying my first shipment and also more of your products as time goes on. A big-time well done from me and thank you!
Morehead City, North Carolina
Hello, We decided to keep the coffee. We fired some up today and it was DELICIOUS! Thank you for your willingness to credit our account but that won't be necessary. Thanks again
Falling Waters, West Virginia
Just tried the Hot Maple Syrup this morning. It is delicious and has everyone in our office area looking around to see where that smell is coming from. We're pretty frequent fools and just wanted to say we appreciate it. I've tried coffee all over the US and in some other parts of the world. Yours is definitely my top choice.
Murray, Kentucky
Just knowing you're going to "try" is all I could ever ask for, especially when the fault in ordering was my own. Thanks for trying to correct my mistake. Whether it's corrected or not, I really appreciate and highly value the mere fact of your friendly effort. Have a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to get the shipment! That "Hawaiian Kona" coffee is a real slice of heaven! :) And all my visiting friends and family have truly "loved" the coffee as well. I do believe your customer list is growing! You taught me what "fresh" really is all about... in every single sample of your sample pack that I've enjoyed and shared with others.
Handover, Maryland
I have purchased coffees from you now for a little while, and have ALWAYS been very pleased and delighted with all the flavors and types I've gotten. I can only drink Decaf, so I select from those on your list. My most recent order I included a new type, the Ethiopian Harrar, and I am over the top about it! Such deep richness and luscious bodied flavor. Aahhhh, I am just supremely happy about this find. Thank you again for such a delectable and satisfying assortment of coffees. A forever devoted buyer,
Sequim, Washington
Thanks for the reply. I appreciate that. You are simply the greatest and I love the coffee I get from you. I am looking forward to the Foolash Goolash - great idea for me because I love variety and surprises. Keep up the good work and you will be getting more of my business. Sincerely and Happily,
Burkburnett, Texas
Just keep on selling those tasteful beans. We had some this and every morning in this house. I just can't understand whenever I see people buying ***** or whatever house in the store. So many people don't even have grinders, or, know what to do with one!! yuk, yuk. Love you all at coffeefool.
Aurora, Illinois
Thank you so much for supporting Autism Speaks! We have a 15 year old "high functioning" autistic daughter, so we are always in support of organizations that seek to help those with autism as well as trying to find a cause and cure for it. I also gladly support businesses who support groups like Autism Speaks. I already liked Coffee Fool. Now you've earned a place in my heart, as well. With undying gratitude,
Forth Worth, Texas
I just tried a cup of your Sumatra coffee. It was real smooth, it wasn't roasted as dark as *****'s Sumatra beans but I enjoyed it very much. I was surprised at how soon it arrived considering how you called it slow mail. I will order more in the future.
Gardena, California
Dear Coffeefool: I don't know how I found you? But I'm so glad that I did, it has been years since I have found a good coffee and even at one point I just stopped drinking coffee, until I found you :-) My Father used to tell me that coffee should have a sweet taste to it, not bitter or burnt and we used to search together for the best and started making our own up until his passing. Everyday that I drink your coffee, I wish he was alive just to share this wonderful experience of what a great cup of coffee is and to tell him that he was right. Thank you so much CoffeeFool for sharing what coffee should taste like :-)
Fullerton, California
Greetings! Thanks for all the wonderful coffee. I am and will be a lifelong customer, your coffee is still the best I've ever tasted (you may be sure that I'll be ordering the Estate Jamaica Blue Mountain again for the holidays this year, but please don't tell my wife LOL). BTW, I tell everyone I know who drinks coffee about this site, and will continue to do so. You are the best :)
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
Wow, I never new espresso could taste so sweet. Thanks! :) BTW, I'm supposed to be giving up coffee, but I think I'll be drinking it for a little longer now.
I really like your coffee! It's always fresh, always perfectly roasted, the best coffee I've found anywhere. According to my records, I've bought over $300 worth of your coffee in the last 12 months, so I should know. (Does that qualify me for some kind of a coupon or prize?) Thanks for a good product and good customer service.
Kettering, Ohio
I have ordered other coffee, over the internet ,had ***** it was to expensive for what you got. Then I ordered ***** I had it for awhile, it got more and more expensive also. I as online one day and saw your ad, this is the second time I have got coffee fool coffee, I was amazed it came in 4 days; with the others you have to wait a week or so thank you Kathy The taste of the English toffee tastes like a latte.
Springfield, Ohio
Your coffee is exceptional in taste, packaging, quality and satisfaction. No more ***** for me! Can't wait to try some of your other blends.
Greensboro, North Carolina
Just want to say that my mother and I both love this coffee, but like your other customers it is very disappointing to get coffee when we are out anywhere. We have been spoiled to fresh coffee.
Mary Louise
Willingboro, New Jersey
Love your coffee-You're absolutely right you just have to have it...I don't remember how I found you a couple years ago (somehow online) but I sure am glad I did! My husband and I have come to dislike all other coffees because of you!
Ludlow, Kentucky
I just wanted to let you know that my first taste of this coffee sent me into a state of blissful oblivion such as I have never experienced before. This...this is coffee?? This is not coffee! This is AWESOME!! This is truly the best coffee I have ever savored. I am about to order another bag of this awesomeness. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Forth Worth, Texas
Absolutely Deli-sh!! Just wanted to send a little rave review. I so love the coffee as do many crew members we serve!!! Thank you Thank YOU Thank you!! The Galz and I are thinkin' bout our own brew..... More to come!! Thank you so very much!
Barrington Hills, Illinois
Fool for your coffee!
Tucson, Arizona
My husband worked on the Billy Bob Thornton movie "Manure", and at the wrap party he received a bag of what we both agree is the best damn coffee we've had in years. Thanks so much! Cheers,
Los Angeles, California
I just received my first order today and I am VERY PLEASED!!! I never thought a flavored decaf could be this good!! No doubt you just earned a new customer and I have already spread the word about you. Ordering more!
Bethel, Connecticut
What is the coffee you put in the bags for the Grammy event honoring Sir George Martin? I would like some. Thanks.
Sherman Oaks, California
Just want to thank you for your speedy delivery, and also for offering such a class product. The BEST! p.s. - I am a ***** shareholder.
Dennis, Massachusetts
My husband is enjoying your Kona Extra Fancy. I got it as a gift for him and now he is hooked! We are trying the less expensive Hawaiian Kauai this order. Good coffee!
Severna Park, Maryland
Wow! Now that's customer service!!! My order will be placed within the next couple of days -- as soon as we decide on our flavors for this order. I'm even more of a "coffee fool" now than before! Thanks again,
Brownsville, Tennessee
We've ordered from the Fool twice and both times we've been extremely impressed. We've even played "Guess whether the coffee is "The Good Stuff" (from you guys) or "The Junk that Patrick Buys" and you guys come out on top every time.
With fair trade in mind, I will buy all my coffee from you guys in the future. Its an extra bonus to have good beans as well.
Portola Valley, California
Well, we *do* drink quite a bit of it between the wife and I. But in fact, I have enslaved half dozen of my coworkers under your hypnotic gaze.
Framingham, Massachusetts
Your Breakfast Brew is the best a.m. coffee I've ever had, but now I need decaf. Will it ever be available as a decaffeinated brew? Thanks for info,
Maineville, Ohio
Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I've shared the joys of your coffee with friends: Michael and Kristy of Michigan (can't spell or pronounce the name of the place but am assured it is in the United States!) and Kevin and Sarah of Winston Salem, NC who will be ordering shortly. I am currently drinking a LARGE second cup of Chocolate Covered Cherry. I make my coffee using 1/2 decaf and 1/2 regular so that I can drink twice as much with the same amount of caffeine. Thanks. I'll need to order again in about 3 wks or so. Your coffee is AWESOME!!!! With an ecstatic smile while I take another sip, I remain your happiest Coffee Fool,
Gainesville, Georgia
You guys are right; The coffee is "outstandishly" delish!!!!!; We just received our first order of hazelnut and the stuff that we have been drinking is comparatively tasteless; Yours is rich and full with no artificial aftertaste and soooo smooth; YYYYUUUUMMMM; We will be ordering again shortly.
Street, Maryland
Thank you very much for updating my auto shipment. By the way, we LOVE the coffee!!! Peace,
Brimfield, Ohio
I just wanted to say I think your website is very charming. It's well organized, with just enough bling to be fun (but not slow). AND I think you guys must be the masters of product description!
Troy, Michigan
The offer I made to my friends is that if they don't like it, they don't have to pay a cent. Thing is, I know they'll love it ;) Thanks again,
Leominster, Massachusetts
Please ship my next order immediately, and switch the interval back to 4 weeks, please. This fool has miscalculated, again. Thanks for the amazing coffee and wonderful service.
Plainsboro, New Jersey
Ok SO you guys have now screwed me for life. I just got my first delivery of coffee from you guys and now I'm just going to have to keep coming back. Your statement about being ruined from drinking other coffee is right on. I have never tasted such smooth and NON BITTER coffee. You guys rock keep doing what your doing and don't ever go out of business. Not sure what I'd do if that were to happen.
Las Vegas, Nevada
Just wanted to let you know that your coffee has been received and being consumed. It is fabulous! Thank you very much. My 9 year old son has also taken a great interest is coffee so I brew him a bit for his milk--he loves it. Of course his favorite is Jamaican!
Oak Hill, Virginia
You guys rock! By the way, I tell EVERYONE how great your coffees are. Even my diehard "*****" husband likes some of the flavored coffees I get for myself. Thanks
Gastonia, North Carolina
I love love love coffee fool. I'll never buy coffee any other way.
Lakewood, Ohio
Dear Coffee Fools, Just wanted to tell you how much I - and my husband - love your coffee! We both like flavored coffees and yours is the best ever! Our favorites are the Pecan Supreme, Vanilla Macadamia Nut, and Butterscotch. I also ordered some Chocolate Espresso for myself to use in my little one-cup coffee maker in my office for my afternoon perk - if you will pardon the pun. :) Opening that bag of Chocolate Espresso releases a scent like that of a pan of brownies fresh from the oven! Heaven! I've ordered from Coffee Fool several times now and we have always received our coffee quickly without any problems. Thanks for making such a great product!
Wood River, Illinois
Can you ship my order today? I have run completely out due to this miserable bunch of chiseling misers who were "visiting" or claimed to be. I served from my stash instead of a friggen can, which they would not have noticed. After the "wow's this is good!" They kept drinking it like water. I was feeling heady so coffee-"Foolishly" I showed them all your bag told the story and gave them the Web site. More "water" with the "900 flavors" was ordered up and joyously consumed until I had to announce that sadly I had run out.
Edmond, Oklahoma
You should know that until I started drinking Coffee Fool coffee, an order every 8 weeks was plenty. But now I find that I drink a lot more coffee at home than I used to. Good stuff!
Sulphur, Louisiana
My recent order received on time, and as requested. Thanks. This order is my coffeefool husband's birthday gift this week. Thanks. Maybe he'll share it with me. Your coffees just make me go AAAAHHHHH, after that first sip from the cup. Thanks for your great service and products that enhance our lives.
Baltimore, Maryland
We are loving this coffee!
Milton, Iowa
Hi, I just ordered several varieties of your coffee (order # 59248). This is the best coffee I've ever tasted. Thanks again for such a great product! I intend to keep ordering from you.
Ocala, Florida
Hello Coffee Fools! I've been giving away the Love Mugs you guys shipped me earlier this year so I'm hoping you're getting some new orders from my area! Question: One of my friends is visiting from Western Australia (Perth). She loves your coffee! Should she stock up before she leaves the US or will you ship to her "down under" ? :) Thanks!
Pontiac, Illinois
I send samples to all of my family members and they love your coffee. I had to buy them all coffee grinders so they would start using beans. We will enjoy our coffee party over the fourth - thanks you guys. I will be ordering Christmas coffee gifts in a few months. (based on what everybody likes- from the coffee sampling party) You guys are the best. (and so is your java) Thanks again,
Bixby, Oklahoma
Wait, do I have to pay for air fare? YOUR COFFEE ROCKS, Valet or not my wife is a total convert. THANKS
Solana Beach, California
Your products are at the top of the line, and we like you!
George and Leanne
Stockton, Calfornia
Some good coffee at a fair price! I gotta get some Celebes Kalossi!! And I love the "coffee "tude" you guys have too! I worked in coffee plants for many years, still do occasionally...they know about money but they don't know squat about coffee! Friends don't let friends drink cooperate coffee! Regards,
Fenton, Missouri
Hi! I never ever write to food manufacturers (even if I love their products), but I had to make an exception in your case. I was very skeptical when I was told about your coffee, but it is every bit as good as I was told, if not better. I tried going back to my old coffee, and I can't do it. I am a coffee fool for life. It is seriously the best coffee I've ever tasted. Keep up the good work!
Chicago, Illinois
Now don't go out of business and make me look like an idiot! Love your Puerto Rican and we drink a lot of Flatpicker"s Blend here. Keep up the good work!
I LOVE YOUR COFFEE!!! I don't want to drink any other kind now...thanks for getting me hooked :-)
Alberta, Canada
I work with a woman that I consider to be a "coffee snob". She only drinks the finest Kona coffee and is rather smug about it. Today I took in my bag of Hawaiian Kauai and offered her a pot. She came in to see me and said that it was probably the best coffee she had ever had! She is no longer a "coffee snob", she is a coffee fool! Thank you for such delicious coffee! I have 4 varieties and they are all just wonderful! I think I will give her one of my CoffeeFool mugs!
Arizona City, Arizona
We have to stay stocked-up around here, when the dust storms hit there are no cargo flights for days at a time. I have to add that my wife said that Coffee Fool was actually cheaper than that other stuff I was buying, (*****). Hopefully, I can get by to visit and personally thank your staff for providing a great service and for supporting the troops. I have attached a couple of photographs thank you and God bless
US Marines, Iraq
Just wanted to say thanks for your fast shipping and delicious coffee. I bought the Boxmasters blend, being a fan of Billy Bob's. Thanks again for excellent service.
Simi Valley, California
FYI, you have the only product I've seen that literally sells itself. It's quite amazing.
Burbank, California
Hi, first thanks for making some great coffee, I recently purchased some of your French roast to put you to the test and you passed with flying colors. I have tried to find a good French roast for some time and have been disappointed over and over again. Our ubiquitous coffee shop ( ***** ) can't roast a bean to save their lives, what junk, they are killing the Americans ability to taste and appreciate a good cup of coffee. So thanks very much for reminding me that there are some people who care about the good things in life; coffee is one for me. I have been drinking the stuff since I was a child and love a good cup of coffee. Keep it up I will be back to order more coffee and let others know about the great coffee!
Carmel, Indiana
I would have to admit that I was a skeptic, but there is a distinct difference in your coffee and the rest. I even went to six-bucks to try one on their best day and you definitely know the flavor is in the Coffee Fool package. Fresh, smooth and definitely not bitter. Thanks
Temecula, California
What can I say, I'm only on our 3rd bag of your coffee and I can't drink ***** (yuk) anymore. I'm still trying to find exactly the right coffee for my husband and I and your staff has been very helpful. The last two I ordered were Light Italian and Seven Bean Blend and they suggested that I mix them for a great tasting blend and they were right. I bought a Bodum French Press and a conical burr bean grinder, which makes a huge difference, but even using our new grinder and old Braun drip coffee maker your coffee is the best I've ever had. I guess I'm a coffee fool now and I'm spreading the word! Thanks again.
San Clemente, California
OK,,,, thanks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and I want you to know I absolutely LOVE your coffee,,,, love love love it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the quality is fabulous.
Fort Worth, Texas
You must get this often, your coffee is fantastic! Can't wait to have our overseas guests sampling your fine quality coffee. I am sure they will be most impressed!! Thanks a billion! Yours in Foolness,
Waterford, Virginia
Dear Coffee Fools, I retired as a green coffee buyer many years ago and have long had to but up with abysmal whole bean coffee once I had lost my selection from the Front Street NY sources. In a retail gourmet whole bean trade where there seems to be more mystique sold than generosity your product stands head and shoulders over all others I have tried. Congratulations. Keep up he good work.
Norwalk, Connecticut
Yow! ***** coffee got a good mention in Consumer Reports. Disloyal weasel that I was, I ordered some. Mistake. Sorry, won't happen again,
Mountain View, California
By the way, I'm relatively new to your company and simply love your coffee. It's nice to fine good coffee that doesn't have the "burnt" taste and shiny beans that everyone seems to think tastes so good. Thanks.
Bethel, Arkansas
I had to write and tell you that I absolutely love your coffee. Yep, I am a Fool for life now. It's the best tasting coffee I've ever had. Keep up the Great Work! And Thanks so much!
Good morning! I am sipping a hot mug of Snoodle Doodle as I type this message. Your coffee is wonderful and I hope you will be around a loooooooong time. I first became aware of the Coffee Fool web site several months ago while hoping to locate an increasingly hard flavor to find for a friend (decaf Irish Cream). Little did I know when I struck gold for that friend that it would be the beginning of outstanding coffee for me too! Since then, I have ordered often, and become very attached to, several of your flavored and premium coffee beans. You were absolutely right about the other's sometimes burnt taste. Thank you for being around!
Magnolia, Delaware
I just tried your coffee for the first time. This is the best cup I've had since I left Germany 15 years ago. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I no longer have to pine for days gone by.
Bardwell, Kentucky
I just wanted to shoot out a quick email to let you know that.....................I am a Coffee Fool! So far my favorite blend is the Mocha Java.
Antioch, Illinois
Thank you, again. Your coffees are of exceptional quality, as we have compared them with coffees from *****, ***** and (shudder!!!) *****. Keep up the great work!
Apache Jct., Arizona
This coffee is wonderful. Just like other coffee fools will tell you, Coffee drinking is enjoyable again since I became a coffee fool. Thanks so much!!
Ruffsdale, Pennsylvania
My wife has always hated *****. She also disliked most of the coffee I brought home from other places. She got so tired of most coffee that she started using ***** Coffee Singles!!!! That was... until I brewed up a pot of your Tanzanian Peaberry!!! She now loves your coffee. Her other favorite is the Kauai. Thanks again for providing such a great product!!
Kingston, Washington
I have to say that I am totally hooked on your coffee and will continue to purchase from you. I have also told many friends about your site and the wonderful fresh coffee beans you offer and the good prices too. So never fear, I am not mad or disappointed in you for this order having a "glitch" (we're all human, after all!).....to the contrary, I am thrilled with your great service and fantastic fresh quality coffee. A Loyal Customer and fellow "coffee nut",
Harbor, Washington
Your coffee is truly different and very good. I initially bought a shipment but was skeptical. It only took one cup for me to see that this coffee is wonderful.
Sewanee, Tennessee
Coffee Fool: Your right! Your coffee does put the others to shame. It has a wonderful aroma as well as taste and I LOVED IT! Problem is the one I purchased is a little rich for my pocketbook, but it was a treat. I am considering another with Kona blend. I even went so far as to write one of the major coffee companies and I told them their coffee is bitter. The return e-mail came up with all kinds of excuses. She is even sending me a letter in a couple of weeks. Not sure what other excuses they will have, but I'm ready to tell it like it is, if she asks. Thanks for a great cup of coffee.
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Hi there, I just wanted to email you to tell you how great I think your coffee is. I have been ordering from you since late 2004 or early 2005 (not sure of exact date) and you have spoiled me for other coffee. I have strayed a few times to some other sites but their coffee just doesn't measure up to yours. And ***** coffee makes me gag no matter how much syrup, foam or sugar I add!! What prompted me to send this is I was reading comments on some sites where they were not impressed with your coffee (although there were many that were) and I thought I would let you know how much I looooovvvvveeee your coffee!! One day, when I have time, I will sign up at these sites so I can post raves for your coffee but first I just wanted to let you know. I have a place in St. Croix, USVI and when I go there, your coffee goes with me. I look forward to the mornings when I make your coffee and sit out on my patio over looking the golf course and the beautiful Caribbean while I sip your wonderful coffee!! They have a company on Island that makes coffee and I do not like it-one would think it would be fresh but it doesn't taste good to me!! When I travel for work, I bring your coffee with my own coffee filters to use in hotel room coffee makers!! Am I obsessed or what!! LOL!!! My favorites are Jamaican Blue, Hawaiian Kona, Kona Blend, Vanilla Macadamia Nut and Coconut Dreams. And I start everyday with it, no matter where I am!! In addition, your shipping is reasonable and it always gets here fast!! So I am pleased with your company in all areas...product and customer service!! Just placed another order since I am running low!! I didn't see a place to add comments on your site but you definitely have my permission to use this email on your site! Thanks and have a great day!
US Virgin Islands
Thank you for your delightful coffee and service. They are both excellent. I could not believe it when I first tried it. I figured NO ONE could take the bitterness out of coffee but figured it was worth a try, so I ordered from you. What a GREAT cup of coffee. I love it. Sincerely,
Warrenton, Virginia
That is some dang good coffee. I was expecting it to be bitter just because that is the way it has always been - LOVE IT!!
Ormond Beach, Florida
I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for your quality product. I just received my shipment of Columbian last week and have enjoyed it immensely, as always! Coffee Fool coffee is the ship; all other brands are the sea. I have been encouraging all my coffee-drinking friends and family to check out your website and give you folks a try. I wish you had other products available on your website (shirts, caps, etc.) so I could help you advertise! Thanks again for making such a fantastic product and I look forward to ordering from you again!
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Got the coffee yesterday and I love it. Excellent taste and very fresh!!!
Belvedere, South Carolina
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I just purchased two packets of your banana nut coffee. And, I normally don"t take the time to do such things as compliment via email. But, Wow! Oh, Wow! I was hesitant that it would have an overpowering artificial flavor. But you have done something that has just turned my coffee drinking experience into something totally ORGASMIC. I know call your Banana Nut Coffee --- Better Than Sex Coffee!
Shorewood, Wisconsin
Every shift we have to do a coffee tasting at *****, so I brought in some beans of the Yauco, and allowed my fellow Baristas to taste it; one guy said that he "didn't know that coffee was supposed to be brown and not black" another said that "this was the freshest coffee he'd ever tasted" and another said she "could actually drink this straight without sugar." I just want to say thank you for your hard work and dedication to coffee. I was hesitant to try your product at first, but after I received my first bag, I must admit that it's hard to go into work everyday and sell coffee beans with enthusiasm (you see I'm a ***** barista). But in the privacy of my home and to other co-workers (and some customers that have become friends) I urge them to visit your website and if I'm feeling like a giving person that day, I'll even let them sample some of my coffee. Thank you again for setting a new standard on high quality coffee and you have a customer as long as you're in business.
I never write to companies to sing their praises but in your case I am actually taking the time to do just that. When I say I love your coffee I am making an understatement. If it's possible to be in love with a beverage then I guess that's what I am. I will never love another as much! Thank you for bringing such tasty coffee into my life!
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
I can't tell you how much I love your coffee. I used to order from ***** but since I tried your coffee I can't drink anything else. I ran out this week and couldn't place an order quick enough so I had to buy a small amount of bulk grocery store coffee. I can't believe people actually drink that stuff. I can't wait to get my next order from you guys. Keep it up!!!! I've been spreading the word and will always recommend you as long as you don't change your process. Daily coffee drinker,
Rockford, Minnesota
Dear Coffee Fool, It's nice to do business with a company that doesn't just meet my expectations but exceeds them. Bravo! Your online ordering system is efficient and simple. Your shipping and communication are prompt and helpful. And your product is without equal. Congratulations on earning another loyal customer and coffee fool. Sincerely,
St. Joseph, Michigan
I just tried my first cup of your Organic Fair Trade Breakfast Brew. It was unlike anything I had ever tasted before. There was not a hint of bitterness, just smooth and delicious all the way through. Thanks for such a great product! I look forward to trying other varieties, and I'll be sending a coffee-snob friend of mine a gift certificate. Chris Sarasota, Florida
Sarasota, Florida
I'm sure you have heard this many times. I just bought coffee from your company and I can't tell you how impressed I am with its quality. I could not wait to open the bag. (Super fast delivery, too.) The aroma was so good that my kids thought I had lit a candle. And the taste was really great. No bitterness or what I call "the burnt bean syndrome." If the 7 bean blend is this good, I can hardly wait to get to Fool's House Vienna. And the others, too, for that matter. I am also a member of ***** coffee service and I must say that this is even better than that. Thanks so much!
Westerville, Ohio
I have tried several of your varieties and have found them to be excellent. I have read some of the reviews and I think some people must have either been raised on Folgers coffee singles or "*****." Your beans are roasted just right for my taste. I have found it interesting that people widely believe that Blue Mountain Jamaican is the world's best without seeing that it is never roasted to a European roast. You wouldn't want to cover the flavor. I believe that other varieties are better if they are not over roasted. I know many people like the dark roasts, but I prefer to taste the nutty, sweet nuances of the variety rather than an acrid, bitter cup of coffee. Keep up the good work!!!
Kingston, Washington
Hello I just wanted to say thank you for these awesome beans and your second to none customer service and easy to use website!!! In return, me and another customer William have been working hard trying to convert coffee drinkers in the western New York area!! I am a 33 year old power lifter/strongman and I am around a lot of coffee drinkers at my gym, I did convert one customer of yours by the name of Tammy and I hope she is doing well for you!! I also work at ***** in Dunkirk New York and I am currently working on a few ***** drinkers there as well!! I will let you know how I do on my next order!! Thanks again
Fredonia, New York
Dear Executive fools, I used to buy *****'s organic French roast, in small amounts, and one time it was so good with a rich chocolate taste to it. The other times I bought it, it was flat with a burned aftertaste, but I always remembered that one batch. Saw the Coffee Fool on the web, and started to think maybe the "story" they told was true. Received the Coffee Fool organic French roast coffee and right away noticed that the beans were oily and had an incredible aroma. Shopped later that day at Whole Foods and saw they had the ***** brand organic French roast with a sign saying "Freshly filled on 1/25" (it was the 26th), I smelled the bin and it too had that rich aroma but the beans were not oily. So I bought a small amount of the ***** coffee and did a coffee off. Used a one cup coffee filter, same water temp (180oF), and same grind. The Coffee Fool coffee during the brewing had a rich froth collect on the top of the water as it filtered through the ground coffee and the coffee had the chocolate taste with no burned/bitter after taste-GREAT! The ***** brewed up with the same rich smelling cream on the top of the water as it filtered through the ground coffee, and then I tasted it is, no chocolate taste and a mild bitter aftertaste-oh well, now I am a Coffee Fool. You have great beans and an excellent roaster, will spread the word. Thanks,
Bradenton, Florida
I found your website by mistake and I ordered some and LOVED IT and I gave some to my mom who interned took it to work and they loved it.
Service Tech
Georgia Gas Dist
Hello, I have been drinking your coffee for a while now and love it.
Jade Johnson
Fargo, North Dakota
I just wanted to write to you and let you know that I have never in my life had such a wonderful experience with a company. I have been buying coffee from you for about 2-3 years now. I will always buy my coffee from you and have turned a lot of friends onto your company as well. Your coffee and your customer service is TOP NOTCH! I just wanted to say thank you very much and keep up the good work! Cheers!
Manassas, Virginia
Effort, Pennsylvania
You did a terrific job. The coffee is exactly as I have come to expect. The shipping was so fast I didn't have to drink "floor sweepings." (That is the moniker my husband has given all other expensive and inexpensive coffees.) He's not a coffee drinker, yet; but it can't be long with all of the wonderful aromas of your coffees. I really thought I was doomed this time. I ordered Wednesday night, with only a small quantity on hand and had my coffees by Saturday. Thanks again from a coffee fool convert, nothing else will do.
St Petersburg, Florida
I just wanted to let you know that your coffee is "ABSOLUTELY" the very very, very best I have ever tasted. Even if I wasn't a coffee drinker, the aroma would convince me. I have told every "coffee fool" I know and have given them your website. I don't know why everyone doesn't order your coffee!! It is WONDERFUL!!
Wichita, Kansas
Just had to tell you what a great site and unique coffee business you have! I would buy from you but I buy my fair trade coffee from a primate rescue non-profit. But if I didn't, I would buy from you. GREAT JOB!
Dear Coffee Fools, You have another addict. I love my coffee. I laughed at your claim that if I tried yours I would be spoiled. After all, I buy directly from ***** and ***** to name just a couple. Your coffee blew them out of the water. I will never be able to drink any other coffee. I normally use 2 Equals in my coffee...now I only need one half packet!. I just can not believe it. People rave on and on about *****...that has got to be the most over roasted and burned coffee in the world. It is detestable. I wish you had local coffee houses. You would be wealthy! Anyway, thanks, I think....ruined for life!
Melbourne, Florida
I received my coffee today. It was the best coffee I ever had! Thank You!
Oakwood, Ohio
Greetings, I am writing to rave about your coffee beans. My husband and I sampled our first bags today, and we are impressed. The beans smelled fabulous right out of the bag, they ground better, and made a smooth and delicious drink. The most stunning effect was the quality of the caffeine content. Usually when I drink coffee, I feel a little dehydrated and ill, with a tendency to feel numbness in my extremities. I balance this with the pros of increased energy and alertness. Your coffee beans not only reduced the negative impact of caffeine, but increased the pros. I have these brain test games for the Nintendo DS, Flash Focus and Brain Age 2, which test things such as hand-eye coordination, eye movement, and various mental skills. I've been taking these tests every day for over a week now, and today, even several hours after drinking some of your coffee, I tested much higher on these games than usual. I am convinced! We are going to buy all our beans from you for now on! Thank you,
Puyallup, Washington
I would like to say thanks for turning me on to your coffee. We have had our first pot this morning and it is fabulous, very good and just what I was looking for. Thanks again the coffee is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Farragut, Tennessee
You have ruined my coffee drinking life! I can't enjoy coffee anywhere anymore, I have to take my own "fool" coffee with me everywhere I go! I don't like *****, Office Coffee, and Restaurant Coffee only the Fool's Coffee I make at home!!!!! I try to ruin all my coffee drinking friends lives, too. I get them hooked on the real thing and their life is never the same again. Seriously, THANK YOU from the bottom of my cup.
Russellville, Arkansas
Just want to say Thanks. I received the Coffee this afternoon. I just set down and had one of the greatest tasting Coffee I've ever tasted. Thanks.
Sebring, Florida
Got my order and the coffee is INCREDIBLE! What a rush to drink it when I get up in the am. It gives me a clarity of mind I haven't felt for a long time. And the taste and aroma is the best too! Thank you!!
Burtchville, Michigan
I have been a big fan of ***** coffee, since I do not like what I consider to be the over roasted taste of ***** (or *****, as we call it in Seattle-at least the non fans do). I ordered some of your coffee awhile back and I have to admit, your Costa Rican rivals the Blue Mountain Jamaican that I used to buy years ago (1973) in San Francisco. It was $16 a pound then!! Here in Kingston, WA, we have a place that roast their own beans but I can't get them to do a lighter roast. I'll be ordering more from you folks. Keep up the good work.
Kingston, Washington
I clicked on your link from an AOL news story thinking it was a news story about coffee. When I saw how many flavored decaf coffees you had I about jumped out of my seat. It is SO hard to find a good variety of flavored decaf. You can bet I'll be ordering my next batch of coffee from you. I can" t wait. Thanks!
Baltimore, Maryland
You guys ain't messing around! I can't even stand the smell of my ***** coffee anymore. BRAVO! To hell with ***** and their burnt crap, this stuff is the real deal!!! THANK YOU!!!
Richwood, Texas
I tried your coffee last year or early this year and was totally amazed how much better your coffee is but I thought I was paying a little to much for the coffee plus at that time in my life I was getting coffee from ***** because I got a coffee pot thru their special. I thought their coffee was fantastic until I got some from the Fools. Man what a difference there was in the coffee. I now know what real coffee tastes like thanks to y'all. I am now a devout COFFEE FOOL MYSELF and Proud of it. I just had the stupid idea the coffee was cheaper back here in Pa. Finally I started watching how often and how much coffee I was buying here at home and realized even with shipping charges I was still saving money getting it from the Fools. But it took me keeping a written log for 3 months to prove it to Mom (my wife) I now buy the largest amount I can get and double the order so I am sure I do not run out as the JUNK I get back here I absolutely CANNOT drink anymore. I threw out about 3 pounds of it and boy did I catch Hell for doing it. I was a cross country truck driver for 33 years before I was disabled in 2002 from a bad back. When I was on the road I drank Pepsi but it grew old real fast. I tried everything I could find to drink and found that coffee was the only thing that quenched my thirst which causes problems with the church as we are Mormons. Sorry I did not intent to write a short book or get this personal. I just wanted to tell y'all I really do enjoy the coffee and will continue to do so as long as I can drink it.. I just had to let y'all know and I do wish when I lived in Fort Smith I had known about he Coffee Fools. Mom is from Ft Smith Arkansas and I lived there for 17 years before we moved back up to pa as my mother had to be put in a nursing home. Thank you again,
Paxinos, Pennsylvania
I got my order of Santa's Cookies today, and all I can say is that its still my favorite! It taste and smells better than I remembered! I hope this becomes a top seller so I can get it all year long! Maybe re-name it Grandma's Cookies off season! lol Again, Thank you for adding it for me when I asked about it. Your Customer For LIFE,
Chubbuck, Idaho
I just received my first order of coffee from you guys Order # 65736, African Cinnamon and House Italian Med. Both WB. Well I am writing to say Thank You. Delicious. I have been so disappointed in EVERY coffee purchase for a long time. ***** has been the only drinkable coffee until now. I will pass the word to anyone who will listen. COFFEEFOOL IS BY FAR THE BEST COFFEE. Once again I must say "Thank You".
Akron, Ohio
Until the time I received your coffee I was relegated to the belief that I had to get by on ***** House Blend when the PX had it or one of the other brands they carry. With an occasional trip to "***** Coffee" and pay about $5 a cup. You are of course totally right about fresh and I have to admit that I am spoiled now. I will continue to be a loyal customer as long as you provide such a great product. I am sure that I will introduce many other "fools" to your products and will gladly send new customers your way.
US Forces, Iraq
Just a quick note to tell you that I LOVE your coffee. I stumbled on your Web site and I am thankful every morning. :) I just placed another order and I am soooo eager to receive it! Thank you so much for amazing coffee!
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
I just had to take a minute to gush on you guys for a sec ... Not only do you have the freshest and bestest (I know it's not a word, but I wanted to keep with the "-estest" theme) coffee on the planet, but your online ordering could NOT be any easier - I should know ... I've implemented procurement systems for customers and yours is so incredibly efficient and convenient for the user. It's not everyday that you see an organization successfully marry product quality with efficient business processing. Bravo! Keep up the good work! So ... when are you guys gonna start your retail chain so you take down ***** and show Americans what REAL coffee is all about? Your life-long customer...
New Hartford, Connecticut
Hello, I had to write you and admit my guilt. I have been unfaithful to coffeefool. I recently ordered from the company ***** and they gave me this great coffee machine for free and two coffee samples. I was on auto order for 4 packages of coffee every 6 weeks. Well, I got the machine and it's great, the coffee however, really sucks!!! It was stale, dried up and old. I cancelled the autoship. I will not stray anymore. P.S. you have spoiled me for life now that I know what fresh coffee tastes like!
Townshend, Vermont
Fools, Really enjoying my coffee. Thanks! I would like to keep my regular order the same, but switch to whole beans rather than ground. Best,
Austin, Texas
First, let me say that I am a loyal customer and regularly give away bags of your product because I enjoy it so much. I tried ***** and cancelled after the first cup!
Dallas, Texas
Very good coffee! I will be back for more and more. Thanks,
Houston, Texas
Wow, just two orders so far and we are HOOKED on your wonderful coffee! Your Buttered Rum is to DIE for! We will be ordering once a month from now on! Thanks!!
Frank and Eulene
San Pedro, California
Hello you wonderful people, Would you please increase my order to 4 of the secret bean along with the 2 Kona. I find we are going through it sooner than I thought possible. If possible please send me the 2 additional as soon as possible and set my order up with the new amount starting on the 20th? Appreciate you. Have told so many people about Coffee Fool. If they don't listen to me it's their loss. Thanks again,
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
I bought your Pumpkin Spice coffee a few weeks ago and am in heaven. You have now gained a customer for live. I love your coffee!!!!
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Dear C. F."s A couple of weeks ago, I ordered some Peaberry from you. It was the first order I placed. I was reasonably satisfied with the quality of the coffee and will start buying all of my coffee from you. The Peaberry was almost what I remembered. I am anxious to try the Celebes and the Sumatran. I will place another order as soon as I get done drinking the two pounds of ***** (gag) I just opened. I certainly appreciated the quality of the roast. Thanks. loyal customer
Bakersfield, California
A customer for life! (You had one before this anyway, because I love your coffee!:) I will give it to a friend who likes decaf. Thank you again and have a wonderful day!
Homerville, Georgia
To Whom It May Concern: I have become a devoted fan (and patron) of coffee fool. So far I have introduced 3 others to the magnificence of your coffee. None of us can quite understand why your coffee is so much better than even our local roasters best.
Denver, Colorado
Hello from another pair of Fools, since ordering your coffee, nothing else that we buy tastes as good and as fresh. The closest is some of ***** but it is way over priced and not quite up to par with your coffee. I am 55 years of age and have never liked the taste of coffee and never drank it at all in all of my years. After tasting your coffee, I am now hooked!! My wife and I have some every evening and if I had more time in the morning, I would have it then also.
Garry and Sharon
Lake Elsinore, California
I am sitting here drinking my COFFEEFOOL.COM DECAF FRENCH ROAST. If I had known decaf would be this strong and rich, I would have listened to the doctor years ago! Thanks!
Williamsburg, Virginia
Received the coffee and we love it. Thanks so much. Will order again.
Dover, Pennsylvania
Not only is your coffee the freshest most flavorful coffee I've ever enjoyed, but as you advertised, there is no going back to store bought coffee. Even so called premium coffees I've purchased elsewhere taste like burnt cardboard now. Bleck!
Orange Park, Florida
Your coffee has utterly and completely destroyed our ability to drink any other coffee! We've been drinking CoffeeFool coffee for a while now but recently we purchased a DeLonghi Magnifico espresso machine, and oh my God!! The coffee we drink now is at such a high standard that my wife and I are finding we can't drink any other coffee, anywhere! First it was the Yauco, then the Australian and now it's the Dominican! My wife declared just this morning that she can no longer enjoy anything but your Dominican and that if you ever stop selling it that she will not be able to go on! That kind of freaked me out so I am ordering another 2.25 lbs of it immediately! And a bag of the Blue Mtn for me too of course! :) Anyway, I know it's taken me too long to get to the point here, which is Your so-called "sales pitch" on the main page of your site is frightening real and is No Joke! A good friend of mine, just this morning told me that he hadn't realized how good the CoffeeFool coffee was until they ran out and tried to drink some other coffee they had laying around, and realized they couldn't! He now has to wait for another round of Australian and Dominican to be shipped! I think he's been ruined now as well. CoffeeFool coffee is so good it should be illegal... oh wait... -- you did. NOT hear me say that! A true coffee FOOL!!
Boulder, Colorado
I happened across your website and eventually ordered some coffee. All my wife and I have to say is, "Thank You." In effect, you have ruined us. We can't stand store bought coffee now. We have are now giving it to relatives to "ruin" them as well. ;)
Burbank, California
I ordered for the first time and you just shipped to me 2+ lbs. of Tanzanian Peaberry. I have been drinking good coffee for over 40 years and have pretty much given up finding really good coffee in my area. I used to get my coffee mailed to me from ***** in San Francisco but their quality tanked in the ''80''s. I tried a small roaster in Newhall and was not impressed. I can still remember Tanzanian Peaberry of 30 years ago. Almost sweet. Amazingly subtle. I'm sixty so don't expect me forever. HereI'm hoping the citizenry finds out ***** coffee is a hoax!
Bakersfield, California
After trying your coffee, I was amazed. I'm sorry I ever left you. But the commercials on the radio and the ads I saw online were so tempting. I regret even ever looking at another coffee roaster. I just want you to know that it's over between ***** and I. In fact, here's the letter I sent them: "I thought I only hated your coffee after trying several blends. I hate your company. Not only did I find myself in a "club" I had no interest in joining, not only did your coffee pale in comparison to others (like Coffee Fool) not only do your cancellation links not work, but I somehow found credits from my account for *****! ***** is a known scam. They claim I joined on your site, but I didn't. I don't want more crappy coffee or gift cards or apologies. I only ask that you please abandon your pathetic attempts at business. Close your doors and leave us alone." Please take me back. I'm a changed man. P.S. I really can't believe what I had to deal with at your competitors. You've earned a loyal, and frequent, customer in me. If you like, you can use this email on your site. I hope it encourages you guys to continue the outstanding company you've grown. Thanks again.
Houston, Texas
Dear friends, I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work that goes into your coffee. I work from home, here in upstate NY, so I can take care of my 3 beautiful children, but my wife works hard so I have dinner on the table when she gets home, usually with a candle or 2 lit and a mug of your wonderful coffee. So you help all of us relax and take a few minutes out of our hectic day to enjoy life a bit and enjoy having all of our family together in one place, if only for a meal.
Sparrowbush, New York
Just got my coffee shipment. First time buyer and now I'm a coffee fool too. Thank you for a delicious cup of coffee.
Alamogordo, New Mexico
I have just finished the first 12 oz bag of coffee from my order. Oh my stars! What have you done! I am hooked! I have never tasted better coffee in my life! All I can say is congratulations to your company and anyone involved in the making of this coffee. I only have one fear, don't change anything about the way you are able to present us with this wonderful beverage. I will be trying the different types of coffee you have available and looking forward to my next selection. God bless and continued success.
Rush Springs, Oklahoma
I just received my first order and of course I had to try your coffee immediately. I have to say that it is a superior coffee and I enjoyed thoroughly. I will be a regular customer in the future. It's a rare treat to buy something that lives up to the hype.
Mill Valley, California
I just HAD to write and tell you that I almost fell over from the amazing aroma that rose out of my newly delivered bag of this coffee. By the way, I love your packaging too. I am making the coffee right now and cannot wait to sip away. Thank you for all of the wonderful coffees, so far...I look forward to more!!
Palatine, Illinois
It is refreshing dealing with a smaller company that emphasizes much attention to Quality and Customer Service. To make things short, this is the best coffee I have ever had in my life! No more visits to *****, you have gained a customer for life. In fact you have gained several customers as this coffee is now a critical component to our companies operating platform! As soon as you open the package and smell the fresh aromas of this coffee it will bring a big smile to your face. I am so glad that I stumbled across Coffee Fool in a Google advertisement. Keep up the excellent work!
Ontario, Canada
I just wanted to tell you that you did an excellent job with the coconut dream coffee. I love it. A true coffeefool,
Clinton, Wisconsin
I bought coffee gifts for my co-workers...BIG HIT...I KNEW IT WOULD BE!!!
Frisco, Texas
We just bought some of your coffee for the first time, based on the claims and info on your website (which I saw while from an ad online). So far, we've only opened the Dutch Chocolate variety and it's fantastic - no bitterness at all. My wife exclaimed, "Wow, this smells like Heaven" when she first opened the bag. She and our daughter are the big coffee drinkers in our home, but I even like this stuff! Thanks very much and keep up your quality. We'll be regular customers from here on out.
Maynard and Bobbi
Channahon, Illinois
Wow, you guys weren't kidding your stuff is good. I ordered the Celebes I think, and wow is it good! I don't remember ever smelling the berry of the coffee bean. I assume it's because it's so fresh. I also ordered the Italian Medium. I haven't had the chance to use it yet, but the oil on the bean looks gorgeous! Thanks so much.
Bullhead City, Arizona
The other day I stumbled onto your site and was impressed enough to try your coffee and recommend it to a friend who also purchased as well. I received my coffee today and tried it. No bitterness at all. It tastes great!
Wauconda, Illinois
I have now shared the coffee I first purchased with several coffee fiends. I'm afraid you might need to increase your labor force. I've told everyone I know and even those I don't know.
Barrington, Illinois
I love your coffee. It really is incredible and so much better than anything we have tried. We have been really pleased with the Mexican Altura Pluma.
Richardson, Texas
I wanted to say thank you, I made an order for some of your coffee a couple weeks ago and had you send it to a family member in Homestead FL who is dying. Randy had said many times how much he loved his coffee and so when we saw you online it was perfect to send him something to make his time left special. Randy is still with us and he told me that the day the Coffee arrived was on his birthday. I did not even know when his birthday was. He told the following story about your coffee. "I had just made a pot of coffee when the mail ran and there was this box. I had no idea what it was but when I opened it and found the Coffee I went and poured out the entire pot I had just made and made a pot of Coffee from what had just arrived. I sat on a stool beside the counter and smelled the coffee as it made and then poured myself a cup. I sat on the couch in the quiet and closed my eyes, smelling the cup of coffee. I sat with my eyes closed the entire time while I drank that cup of coffee and it was wonderful. I have never in my life enjoyed a cup of coffee that much." I as a cousin of Randy who is in Florida and the man that sent him the coffee and I wanted to share this story with you so that you would understand that sometimes a cup of coffee is more than just a cup of Coffee. Sometimes it is a gift from God as you spend your last few weeks here on earth. Thank you for the Coffee Delivery Right On Time
Ringgold, Georgia
I love the coffee so far! My personal test is always - does the coffee taste great all on its own without cream or sugar. I am able to drink your coffee "bare"...
Warren, Michigan
I love you guys. I am so buying all my coffee from you!! LOTS of coffee fool love!
Fayetteville, North Carolina
Just wanted to thank you for providing the freshest coffee I've ever tasted! I love it so much that I've been recommending it to listeners of our internet radio station - in fact, one of our listeners wrote today to tell me he just picked up your Kona Blend after hearing me rant and rave! Gotta get the word out - you guys are awesome.
Albuquerque, New Mexico
You have NO idea how happy this makes me and I found this quite on accident. It is the ONLY coffee I drink. I love it. I love you guys for doing this and being there!!!!!!!!!!! Yay you! Right on.........ok that really dates me! AHHHH. OK well I am celebrating my 50th on the 30th of this month and nothing can make me happier than my favorite, no the ONLY, great coffee! Thanks a bunch.
Sunland, California
No matter how hard I try, I can't find any coffee that is better than yours...it far surpasses all of them in flavor and aroma...thanks so much for all your extra efforts to send us the best!
New York, New York
Just wanted to let you know that you have a real winner with Coconut Dreams. It joins Snoodle Doodle as my wife's favorites from Coffee Fool. We ordered a regular size container to try and ran out quickly so I just ordered almost 5 pounds for her.
Tallahassee, Florida
I will pass along how great your coffee is! In fact, it's funny because my son and I operate a small business where we repair commercial brewers for coffee vendors. I know that I will only be drinking your coffee from now on and was hoping maybe you had a brochure/catalog that you could send me so that I could have it on hand and maybe set up automatic shipments to my home. Thanks again I am really happy that I found you guys because I love coffee, good coffee that is!
San Jose, California
Good afternoon! First and foremost, I just received my first shipment of your coffee and I LOVE it! I have to say that 2 years ago, I wouldn't have even considered drinking coffee - bleh! Couldn't stomach it, never had an urge to drink it. Of course, occasionally, I would enjoy the "smell" of it. That's ok, I like the smell of new tires and concrete, but I'm not planning on ingesting either of those ha ha! A little over a year ago, my friend got me to try a blended coffee drink - it was pretty darned good. But that was mostly because it was FULL of sugar to cover up the taste of the bleh - coffee! Well I continued to get those blended drinks from time to time - killing both my wallet and my waistline - gotta run one more mile for that drink. Then, winter came and I thought - phwew... I'll be able to kick this horrible habit. Aaaahhhh no, as the caffeine gods would have it, I was hooked. My wallet and waistline continued to take a hit, so I worked my way into my "favorite drink" w/ 3/4 coffee, 1/4 steamed milk and 4 pumps EACH of caramel and mocha - yes... still trying to cover up the taste of the bleh - burnt tasting coffee! You may know which famous coffee place I am referring, but I wont name any names... Xmas brought not only a coffee maker, but a coffee bean grinder as well, so began my trials making my own coffee. I managed to make up some pretty neat concoctions from the grocery store... a little of this flavor... a little of that... sure, they turned out pretty good - I gave up the "retail coffee" and enjoyed my own - MUCH cheaper, and I feel better "tasting" coffee. Then, I happened upon your site, took interest, and the rest is history! Your coffee is fantastic! OMG, it tastes exactly how it is described! I can TASTE, the TASTES! I LOVE THIS COFFEE! Now, I'm trying to get my Xmas list ready, I know several people who will enjoy your coffee as much as I have. So, this is my way of saying THANK YOU for making me a coffee fool!
Tallahassee, Florida
We just got our first order last week (Cherry and Secret bean). I hate you for making the coffee at work taste so bad. I love the subtle tastes in the coffee (almost like drinking wine!)... I hate the fact that you have so many different types of coffee (I feel like a kid in a candy shop), but I just love the experience of fresh coffee. Keep up the great work!
Minooka, Illinois
I just got my first order from you and I am AMAZED. This is, hands down, the very best coffee I have ever had. I clicked on a link of yours and decided to give you a try. I'm completely sold on your coffee. This is simply incredible and I'll be buying from you exclusively from here on in.
Grand Rapids, Michigan
I'm a Registered Nurse and in my unit of the hospital we can make our own coffee (thank God). I have been buying ***** Coffee for at least 10 years and would not consider other brands. People come from other departments just to get a cup of my coffee. Another nurse has been telling me about your wonderful coffee and I just couldn't believe it. So she brought me your Brazilian Santos!!!!! Well, not only did I fall in love with the taste, but the smell is out of this world. I could walk around with my nose in the bag, just smelling the delicious grounds! AND I'm not the only one! Now I have people coming from other units wanting to know what time I'm making coffee. Instead of making one pot at a time, I'm having to make 2. My only wish is that I had found you a long time ago. Thank you, thank you Thank you. I can't wait to share with my daughter and my parents. Don't change a thing. It's wonderful.
Harrisburg, Illinois
Just signed up with you guys through Andie and wanted to let you know that your customer service is just as good as your coffee!! Keep up the great work and I hope you all enjoy your products as much as I, my uncle, dad, and neighbors do! (Seriously, all of our neighbors seem to knock when we brew Coffee Fool coffee! No joke!) Thanks for throwing the stale n'' borin'' out of our coffee-filled lives!
Benton City, Washington
I just ordered, received and brewed my first cup of your coffee and I travel all over the world and have had coffee in many places. My current supply here at home includes coffees in the range of $20-$45.00 per pound. So I am serious about coffee! I am writing to tell you that my first cup today was absolutely the very best cup of coffee I have ever had. I am sending friends your website and telling them they MUST try for themselves. I routinely order cases of coffee from a couple of different countries I have visited and enjoy their coffee but I must say I am now ruined after tasting your coffee. LOVE IT LOVE IT - BRAVO!
New Gloucester, Maine
I just wanted to drop a line to say THANKS!!! I'm an absolute coffee junkie. A 16-ounce 8-shot latte before I leave home starts to wake me up (I have an espresso machine), and a 12-ounce, 6-shot latte at 10am completes the process of waking up. I've been buying ***** Italian Roast beans to grind for espresso for a really long time. And then I stumbled upon your website, decided to give it a try, and was extremely pleasantly surprised by the freshness and taste of the Pacific roast. Not only was the coffee amazing, but I opted for UPS ground 3-5 days, and my order actually arrived in 2 days. I will be a returning customer. Thanks so much for a superior product and service!
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
I'm enjoying the Kona, and am looking forward to the Italian roast. Your order process is quick and painless. Love that.
Edina, Minnesota
I love your service, you are right, I have a hard time drinking any other coffee now, but all I gotta do is stay on top of keeping your coffee ordered.
Orion, Michigan
HI! I just wanted to let you know how much I love your coffee! Especially since it helped me finally win an argument with my husband. He is from Guatemala and his mother has coffee trees LITERALLY in her back yard (up the side of a mountain). So he grew up with fresh coffee from those trees, roasted in the sun and open air. I could never get him to like ANY coffee, no matter how "gourmet" it was. Flavors left him flat. Fresh was all he talked about. Every two years he flies home to see his mother, uncles and cousins. He drinks the coffee while he's there, so the taste is always fresh in his mind. But when this coffee came, he agreed that it WAS as good as his homegrown version. YOU ROCK!!!
Steelton, Pennsylvania
A few months ago, I saw your website advertised at work. As a coffee drinker, I was intrigued. I decided to order some for my sister first, since she drinks more than I. Previously, we all drank ***** and were satisfied. Now, however, we're completely spoiled by your products. We are Coffee Fools! We have loved every variety we've tried, and will continue to try new flavors. Sure, it's a bit more expensive than a can of *****, but immensely better, therefore worth every penny. Thank you again for your great products!
Hartford, Michigan
I got my 2.25 pound order of your darkest stuff last weekend, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it! Thanks!
Richardson, Texas
Thanks! I am constantly telling all of my co-workers and friends about your site. Hopefully I can bring you some additional business. Unfortunately not everyone is as crazy about coffee as I am. Keep up the good work.
Loveland, Colorados
Great coffee! I never tasted anything so good. I liked the Kona blend. Now I'm spoiled and so are my friends.
North Brunswick, New Jersey
We just tried your Fools House French and I have to let you know that my husband is a very picky coffee guy. Finally a French Roast that is not bitter especially when used for espresso. We live in Florence Oregon and I would like to continue ordering through The Coffee Fool. Please add us to your e-mail customer list just in case you have specials that we can take advantage of to save money from time to time (But please, kindly, don't share our info:-)) You do an awesome job and kudos for the Fair Trade contribution!
Bobby + Crystal
Florence, Oregon
You guys are awesome. Thanks for changing my order and getting it here so quickly. I am so glad I stumbled on your site looking for some coffee for my mom. She likes flavored coffees - but has to have decaf. I will definitely shop with you again - for her and for me. We love our coffee!
Birmingham, Alabama
Came across your website by chance a few weeks ago and read your descriptions of the coffees you have available. At first, these descriptions made little impact on me because I lost most of my sense of smell (read as: I can't smell a skunk at three feet) due to an accident when I was much younger. I caught a line drive at Fenway Park with my forehead and it messed up all the nerves in my nose. However, since I haven't been able to smell coffee brewing for about the last 40 or so years, I decided to put your claims to the test and see if my depleted olfactory capabilities could be awakened by your coffee, so that I could really enjoy a cup. So, I ordered your Hawaiian Kona and I must report that your claims are true. Not only could I smell the Kona's marvelous aroma when the bag was opened, but I could actually smell it brewing from the other end of the house. For me, that's almost the equivalent of breaking an ammonia capsule under my nose. My wife, who has a good sense of smell and also loves good coffee, was in 7th heaven. Thanks for living up to the claims on you website. It's a rare thing these days to find a product that actually does live up to its claims.
Houston, Texas
Wow - great service - 2 days! AND, I think I'm in love....... Your "Secret Bean" is wonderful!!!!! I have to spread the word. This is my second order from you and I have to say your coffee is simply the best and soooo smooth. I ordered some from another online place and they all tasted the same plus bitter, bitter, bitter. They had the nerve to call them "*****". I guess I am now an official Coffee Fool.
Reno, Nevada
I'm glad you found me.
Lake Charles, Louisiana
I received my order for three pounds of your flavored coffees last week... and I'd just like to say that the only FOOL would be the people who do not purchase your Coffees! The coffee is delicious! Absolutely no hint of bitterness; the aromas and flavors actually make your mouth water! I get the caffeine JOLT, but it doesn't leave me jittery at all! It's terrific! My Husband isn't a big coffee fan, but even HE was tempted to try a cup or three when I brewed a pot of BUTTERED RUM coffee! He said it was good enough to drink black! (It was THAT good!) Since he is a ''three sugars and a ton of half-and-half'' person, that is REALLY saying something! Two of our neighbors dropped in shortly after I made a pot of Cinnamon Hazelnut coffee, and they said it smelled good enough to use as potpourri! The scent filled the house with an inviting, warm and tantalizing scent! Not to mention the fact the coffee was gone in record time! Everyone said it was excellent! My personal favorite is Pumpkin Spice... not only does it smell and taste heavenly; it makes an exceptional Iced Coffee as well! The flavor really stands up to ice, without needing to double the quantity of coffee used to brew a pot! I will definitely be trying other flavors of fresh coffee from The Coffee Fool soon!
Weeki Wachee, Florida
I received my coffee today... Oh my gosh, it is SOOOO delicious!!! Thank you
Olympia, Washington
I just got my bag of "Fool's Hawaiian Kauai" in the mail today and made my first cup. I must say I am very impressed! With all other coffees I end up pouring a lot of milk, flavored creamer, and sugar in to mask the bitterness of the coffee. With this coffee I only put a teensy amount of milk in it, and it was much smoother than anything I have ever had, including my sugar overloaded milk diluted concoctions. This coffee is definitely worth the cost it sells for along with shipping, it is THAT GOOD.
I absolutely loved your coffee the first time I ordered it a few weeks ago. One of my co-workers was leery about ordering coffee (a "***** guy") but after about two sips he was asking me for your web address. You have a great site that really does a good job of telling your company's story as well as each of the different coffee blends. I just put in an order for Kona as well as your Caribbean Hazelnut blend, which I am excited about. You have a customer for life. I look forward to working with you again in the near future.
Charleston, West Virginia
Mmmmm. Absolutely yummy. The taste matched expectations. Within 1/2 hour of receiving the order, I made myself a French Press pot. Delicious!
Erie, Pennsylvania
I just have had my first sip of your coffee and I must say, it is everything it was promised to be. The aroma and taste are superb and no bitter taste whatsoever! Why I used the link to your website from a news website, I am not sure. It would almost seem as if some guardian angel of coffee drinkers tapped me on the shoulder and pointed me to your ad line. I will not question the source, but I am now a loyal fool in Atlanta Georgia! Do you have gift baskets or assortments during the holidays? I have relatives all over the United States that would be surprised to taste what coffee should really taste like. We could be a family of fools.....more so than now! Thanks from a new loyal customer.
Atlanta, Georgia
I found your site online and placed my first order last week, and in my comments, I "Dared you to convert me". Well, my coffee arrived on Thursday, and Friday morning I had my first cup. I opened the bag of whole beans and gave it a good sniff, then opened my normal "premium store brand whole bean" container and repeated..... I had no idea there could be such a difference. After brewing, it was love at first sip. Even my partner, who usually dislikes the "mud" coffee I make, noticed a difference-- she is giving up ***** for your coffee..... and as for me..... you have RUINED ME for other coffees. I usually buy whole bean coffee: Sumatra, Costa Rican, Jamaican, Kauai Peaberry, Kenya AA..... none of the "blends" for me.... and now..... Coffee Fool is it. Hallelujah! I believe! I believe!
Eugene, Oregon
WOW. Your Secret Bean coffee is just fantastic. I've had a LOT of coffee in my years (just look at what I've ordered from you alone), and there is something I don't know...different about your secret bean blend. I can't identify where it comes from! Can you give me a clue, at least? I won't tell anyone! At least can you tell me that you will continue to market this blend? Boy, do I look forward to having me next cup!
Hendersonville, North Carolina
Last week I ordered Whole Bean French Roast Decaffeinated coffee from you. I wanted to try it but was absolutely sure it wouldn't be any different from other decaf product. I had to write you because I was knocked off my feet. This coffee was far from being tasteless and was incredibly smooth. As soon as my doctor gives the ok, I intend to dive head first in some "real" coffee from your company. Thanks for the pleasant surprise.
Denver, Colorado
I just got my order of French Vanilla coffee today and I must say, WOW! I made a pot and downed three cups within half an hour. This is absolutely, positively, hands down, no questions asked, the best, freshest coffee I've ever tasted in my life. I'm now an official Coffee Fool for life. Thanks for the excellent coffee and wonderful service. Keep up the fabulous work!
Council Grove, Kansas
We LOVE your coffee! It is by far the best we have ever had and unless you go out of business (GOD FORBID!) we will continue to order from you forever! Thank you for finally roasting coffee the way it should be roasted.
Indianapolis, Indiana
Thank you for your part in the battle rid our world of bland, nasty, or "everything is burnt the same" coffee shop coffee. I enjoy your coffees very much and would buy more if I wasn't showing support for a barista friend who recently opened his own cafe. So far my favorite bean of yours is Yemen Mocha, but I am also partial to your Italian roast blends. Keep up the good fight. Your comrade-in-arms,
San Diego, California
Hello, I just want you to know I am telling EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The smell when I open a bag is fantastic. The taste - even better.
Groveland, California
Hubby and I are new fans of CoffeeFool coffee. We're crazy about the Seven Bean Blend. We were recently given this as a gift and used it up in 4 days, which prompted us to order the 2 1/4 lb pack of beans of the SBB, this date. We are coffee hounds and take our morning and afternoon drink seriously. The leftovers in the pot are used for iced coffee. Oh my goodness, it's so delicious and we thank you for the SBB. Anxiously awaiting your response with your recommendation.
Baltimore, Maryland
Nashville, North Carolina
I've been brewing the 100% pure variety pack at the office for a couple months now. After trying each type individually, I started brewing them in combinations. You have a new fan now. This is a conversation I had this morning, with the names changed. coworker: THANKS!! :) coworker: Oooh me: welcome? coworker: that is good me: the coffee? coworker: yeah me: I like it too.... found a good combination coworker: what is it? me: Papa New Guinea and Kenya AA me: 50-50 coworker: yeah coworker: its very nice coworker: i like this stuff way better than ***** coworker: you've ruined me
Burbank, California
Just a quick note to say thanks for your great coffee! I recently ordered a Fair Trade Organic French Roast, and I must say that it met all of my expectations (and my expectations are high!). I also liked your very fair and reasonable prices ;) I was a loyal customer of a Kona coffee farm with whom I had a direct relationship, but due to some product inconsistencies, I began searching for a new source. Luckily, my Google search of "fresh coffee" came up with your web site as the 1st hit! I look forward to trying all of your different coffees (maybe even a few of the flavored ones).
San Diego, California
Our order came! So Fast! Wow! Fantastic service. Love the new coffees. Absolutely delicious. Keep us posted on new stuff.
The Walkers
Tampa Bay, Florida
Just wanted to let you know that I am a new customer and will be a long lasting customer. I have been a coffee drinker for a very long time and have never had coffee so fresh and delicious. I went on vacation last week and had to revert to drinking coffee from a cafe, which was not even close to the goodness I get from brewing my own at home with coffee fool coffee. Thank you for all your hard work and the great coffee you supply. I have already told everyone I know about the wonderful coffee I stumbled upon. I am sure they will be ordering some as soon as that crap they are drinking now is gone. Then they will realize the money they have waste for all these years.
Waterloo, New York
I received the coffee Tuesday. Put on a pot of the Fair Trade Organic and enjoyed. Love the coffee! Absolutely wonderful! I will be ordering more and telling everyone. Thanks.
Winter Haven, Florida
I tried your coffee this morning and I must say it was the best I have ever had!!! No bitterness and the freshest taste. I will certainly spread the word and of course order more for myself. Thank you for a wonderful morning!!!
Houston, Texas
Great Coffee, better than burnt in Seattle!
Seattle, Washington
I received my order several days ago, and I wanted to say that I couldn't be happier! I have tried different brands of coffee, including various brands sold in stores and through mail order, and yours is the best, without a doubt. Just opening the bag each day and smelling the coffee inside is a beautiful thing. I brew it at work and people flock to my office to see what the heck smells so good. Thanks for the jam up coffee!
Panama City, Florida
I recently made my first purchase of coffee from you and wanted to share my experience. I am a huge coffee drinker and when I caught your link at the bottom of a friends e-mail, I decided what the heck, I'll give it a try. I was completely impressed. I usually use cream in my coffee and I didn't have any so I decided to try it without it anyway. The flavor of the coffee was so good, it didn't need cream. There was no bitterness at all, just like you advertise. Thank you for taking such pride in your business! and Thanks for the great cup of coffee. I will definitely continue to buy my coffee from you.
Erial, New Jersey
I've only made 2 pots but I now look forward to my coffee in the morning. This is great stuff!!
Ocala, Florida
I've become a Fool for your coffee. I've not bought a can of ***** in over 3 months. I've converted several ***** fans over to you. A guy at work wanted me to get him some and my last order was for him. (he hasn't set up his own account yet.) He usually drinks his coffee diluted but said " this is the first coffee I can drink without cream and sugar". Thanks for your service and I'm looking forward to my next cup. (btw, I work night shift and usually drink at least a pot a day and 3 on weekends.)
Arden, North Carolina
I have long understood the facts about stale American coffee, so I ordered 3 bags of yours to see if your claims were true. Congratulations! Finally, a company that delivers what they say they will deliver! I love it, my wife loves it and everyone who knows coffee loves it as well. I have begun to spread the word.
Allentown, Pennsylvania
I received my package of decaf a few days ago. DAMN, THAT''S GOOD COFFEE! Not good, that doesn't begin to describe it. First let me say it is without doubt, the best coffee I have EVER tasted---and I don't buy the cheap grocery store coffees either. I thought my ***** was good. It was...until I tasted yours. I will definitely be ordering again. My cardiologist took me off caffeine (I had this little thing called open-heart, double bypass surgery). Anyway, the local decafs just didn't do it for me. Then, quite by accident I found your website. Your coffee is incredibly scrumptious. During my first cup, I do believe I was physically aroused--I got tingly things aaalllll over my body:) Turned out I was so engrossed in this heaven-sent cup of liquid ambrosia that I accidentally sat on my wife's curling iron. (You should see the blister! Or...maybe not.) Anyway, thanks for the beginning of a long, beautiful, and tasteful relationship.
Lafayette, Louisiana
Enjoyed my first cup of "fresh" coffee this morning. Think I'm a "Fool" now too.
Round Rock, Texas
I just made a batch. It's really good. Thanks a lot!
Grand Rapids, Michigan
I want you to know that you guys have my new favorite coffee! Not many companies know the very basics of roasting and freshness, but I believe you guys do. I have had a hard time finding someone who roasts as dark as ***** (who, despite their corporate-ness, know coffee very well). You guys have truly impressed me, I got you your darkest roast... I forget what it is called... but its GOOD!
Palmer Lake, Colorado
Your coffee was everything you promised, I happened upon your web site while researching another subject, and because I am a coffee lover I checked it out, and ordered two bags of whole beans. I made four cups of you special blend after one cup I was hooked, I will NERVER go back to what I was drinking, and I was sipping some of, what I thought good stuff. Thanks again I will pass it on. Please put me on your mailing list.
Missouri City, Texas
I have officially joined the ranks of coffee fool! This is truly what coffee is supposed to taste like.
Flint, Michigan
Just wanted to let you know that I love your coffee and I am trying to promote your product at every opportunity. I have got my brother hooked on your coffee and he orders every couple weeks for his whole office. I have sent some to my brother in law and one of my friends who is a huge coffee fan. I have never felt so strongly about a product that I buy it for them just so they can try it. As a business owner, I am constantly trying to get my clients to become "promoters". I want my clients to be so happy that they are out there actively promoting my business for me. Just wanted to let you know that I am actively promoting your business for you. Have a good day.
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Received my first order last week at work and you are soooo right... The coffee was wonderful. The only problem is that we go through it soooo fast!!!! Thanks!
Fort Myers, Florida
Dear Coffee Fools, I ordered your coffee and tried it for the first time this morning. WOW is all I can say!!! Absolutely no bitterness!!! WOW again!!! Truly the best coffee I have ever had. Thanks for opening my eyes this morning with fantastic coffee.
Clarksville, Tennessee
I came across your website through a Gmail ad. I was a little skeptical of your coffee, because everyone purports to be "the best," but I still decided to order three bags of coffee this week. Boy, am I happy I did. This is, hands down, the best coffee I ever had. You have a new steady customer!
Syracuse, New York
No foolin.....this coffee is so good.... And I thought ***** was good coffee....
Suwanee, Georgia
I stumbled on your site. After over 40 years drinking coffee as a soldier and policeman, I decided to try your challenge and get the fresh whole beans. I must say your right. Not only myself, but 3 of my office. Mates now share our morning coffees. The sampler we purchased was a treat. Some great, some OK, a couple not so great. But we now know what we like, and its an enjoyable couple of cups each Morning. The amazing thing to me is the fresh taste with no bite. Thanks for the education.
Col Bob
Jacksonville, Alabama
Damn you guys. Now I am ruined. I ran out of fool coffee this holiday weekend and had to buy some at the regular grocery store. My old favorites, Seattle's Finest, ***** - all taste like swill now thanks to you and your foolishly wonderful and fresh coffee.
Clearwater, Florida
Ok, its 6:45am but I had to write to you. Yesterday I received my first-ever purchase from your website. After reading all your claims about how once a person tries your coffee they will never want to go back to "normal" beans, I thought "blah, blah, blah. Whatever." So as a test I bought just 12 oz of your Fools House Italian Medium. I just pulled my first espresso shot. It was by far the best shot I have made to date and now I'm hooked. It is the first time that I have really seen, or tasted, actual proof of all claims that coffee is supposed to be a "sweet" beverage. It was, as you predicted on your website, a moment of clarity for me. I'm hooked (also as you predicted). Thanks for doing what you do. Ok, enough of this chatting. Its time for shot number two....
Belmont, California
My fiance (Michael) and I are always looking for something wonderful to drink. From our morning coffee to our night time bottle of wine. We are always trying to find that perfect drink that makes us tingle from head to toe. I can honestly say that your coffee has done this for us. We have become extreme coffee fools. Michael keeps on bringing a travel cup of coffee in each week for someone different to try and is getting everyone hooked. And I am always convincing people to come over to my house for a cup of coffee instead of going out to a coffee shop! Part of the order that I just placed with you was for other people asking me to get them some coffee while I was ordering mine. I just want to express my gratitude for your tantalizing coffee that makes both mine and Michael's taste buds soar!
Bridget and Mike
Melbourne, Florida
I've been drinking coffee since I was 5 years old. I've been drinking it black with no sugar for 10+ years. The coffee I bought from you is the first coffee I've had in 10+ years that did not have a bitter aftertaste. It was truly shocking. Great coffee. I'm in your debt.
Plainsboro, New Jersey
I wasn't sure about where to send this to, but I just received my first wonderful shipment of Kona coffee. I have never had such good coffee. If all coffee was this good, no one would ever use cream and/or sugar again. To think I've been deprived all these years! Thank you.
Chicago, Illinois
You guys have won me over--it had been so long since a really good cup of coffee presented itself to me. I am afraid the heady aroma knocked me quite off my feet. And the look of it, swirling and dark and bottomless was quite a thing.
My husband and I have been together for 19 years and he never drank coffee. He didn't even like the smell of my coffee in the morning so I would get all the coffee to myself. He tasted your coffee the first morning after I received it because he said it smelled good. Now I have to share the whole pot of your coffee with him every morning. But with something so good I'm happy to share. Thank you for your terrific coffee. I'm spoiled. My husband and I are now your 100 percent COFFEE FOOLS!
Show Low, Arizona
That was my first impression when I took the first sip of your Peaberry coffee. I have been ordering coffee from ***** for years because I just can't stand the "*****" type coffees. I thought I was getting the best I could but I was dead wrong. Your product is so superior, none of that bitter/stale/odd flavor, that I'm throwing out what I have left from *****. Thank you for making a coffee lover's (addict's LOL) dream come true.
Epping, New Hampshire
You really have ruined us for any other coffee!! I actually get nervous when we are running low...so now I order 2!!!!!!!!!!!
Medford, Oregon
Just wanted to take a sec to let you know that your coffee is as good as you billed. It's been a long time since I smelled such fresh coffee. That first whiff took me back to my childhood when my mother would get up early and the first thing she did was to prepare the coffee. The fresh smell of the coffee wafted all through the house and it was comforting to me although I did not drink coffee back then. My wife and I thank you so much for such a quality product. As you probably know as the aborigines say, ''If it smells good-it has to taste good!'' We'll keep in touch by ordering more of your product.
Arnold, Missouri
LOVED the African cinnamon!!!!! WONDERFUL!!!!
Oak Ridge, Tennessee
I don't believe ANYTHING I read on the internet, especially when someone is selling something. BUT, I do love coffee. I forget how I saw your site, but I waited until I ran out of *****, then bought a sample 12oz Columbian. OH. MY. GODDDD. It was amazing. I don't think I can ever drink that other coffee again. You've spoiled me! Thanks jerks at Coffee Fool! ;) All kidding aside, it was awesome AND it got to me quickly - 2 things I enjoy when buying stuff online.
Norwood, Ohio
I usually do not e-mail companies at all, except for the occasional complaint, if any. But, I wanted to make an exception for your site. I recently placed an order for Brazilian and Colombian coffee in search of something new, fresh and an all-around better coffee substitute. I received my order on-time Saturday and made a batch of joe on Sunday morning. The aroma of your coffee is amazing, not to mention the incredible taste. The coffee gives me such a better kick than store-bought coffees and I will certainly be purchasing from you in the future. Also, a few of my relatives have also tasted the coffee and agree that it is undoubtedly better than your average coffee. Thanks again.
Hobart, Indiana
Our misbalance between caf and de-caf is all set now, and for a few days, we have put up with inferior product from your competitors at *****, so we're looking forward to being fools again.
West Chester, Pennsylvania
I apologize you guys are great my coffee came Monday and it's the best coffee I ever had - thanks again
North Quincy, Massachusetts
The coffee you sent is wonderful, thank you. I have been mixing and enjoying my alchemist antics. The Pacific Espresso was the best addition to my blends. I didn't realize there was so much difference in the bitter taste until I had a cup of ***** House Blend and it was so bitter. Guess I'm a Coffee Fool!
Palm Springs, California
Your coffee is the best I have ever tasted. Until now, I never knew what fresh coffee was. I thought it was all bitter, that it was supposed to be that way. Never stop selling your coffee.
Granbury, Texas
I love your coffee. Love it. And I want to share it.
Bellflower, California
Got my order promptly. Your ad sucked me in. You talked the big talk. Had a cup tonight. My God, you were right! I have been bamboozled for years. I've been drinking hot caffeine, not real coffee. I will be ordering again. It is past 10 at night and yet I can barely restrain myself from brewing another cup.
Mountain View, California
I just finished brewing my first pot of Panama Boquete. What a wonderful flavor. I look forward to exploring more of your products in the future. Possibly the best coffee I have ever had!
Milford, Ohio
We group ordered some of your coffees from work and I must say I was impressed. The mocha java one was really good. The after-taste was amazing.
Boise, Idaho
So you got my family and I hooked on fresh coffee, thanks for that. At least it seems to be one of the few pleasures in life that is not costing me a premium to enjoy. My local roaster is not very happy about it though...
Littleton, Colorado
I love your coffee and it really sweetness really delighted me and my boyfriend! You were right! Not that I ever had my doubts.
Astoria, New York
You've gone and done a bad thing. You've completely spoiled me for your great coffee. I refuse to drink the grocery store crap the landlady buys.
Las Vegas, Nevada
All I can say is THANK YOU. I have been a coffee addict since my teenage years, however, I never knew what FRESH coffee tasted like until today. I stumbled upon your web site while being on Roadrunner, my ISP. I read your "line" about coffee from specialty stores, etc. and thought I'd be "safe" and order a couple of bags. Even more safe, I ordered the Morning Blend and the House Blend, just to get an idea of how "regular" coffee would taste. Well, there is nothing regular about this coffee. I ordered on Tuesday the 17th of April and on my doorstep today (Friday April 20th) was my box from your site. I couldn't wait to open the box, I could almost smell the aroma through the box. When I "tore" into the box, the aroma hit me from the two bags I had ordered. I rushed into the house to experiment with just the right amount of coffee vs.. water. I've just bought a new Braun Coffee Pot that sends the aroma of the brew throughout the house, but the aroma from this coffee was a new experience for me, however, the best experience was the TASTE. I made my 1st single cup to give it a TEST, I guess the 2nd and 3rd cup within the 1st hour of delivery was a testament to just how GREAT your product is. It's now 11:30 pm and I'm on my 5th cup of coffee. I believe that qualifies me as your newest COFFEE FOOL. I just wanted to thank somebody for this coffee and let you know that I'm the newest fool to join your family.
Winston Salem, North Carolina
I know you probably get this a lot, but here's another testimonial. I had my first Coffee Fool coffee approximately two weeks ago, having ordered a package of the light roast American Fool Blend. This is possibly the best coffee I have ever had at home! Everything you said about your coffees is true. No bitterness, such a great taste. I love flavored coffee, but my wife only likes straight coffee. I even shared my American Fool with some folks at work who also said that it was really good. Of course, I told them where I got it. You have a repeat customer here. It's worth the extra cost, in my opinion.
Fort Worth, Texas
My sister e-mailed me your link, knowing that I love coffee, was a barista for over 5 yrs. and critique every coffee I taste. So I was very interested and thought I'd give it a shot!! MMmmm...yummy! I was really surprised, but the big eye-opener was when I ran out of my Rainforest Coffee and pulled my usual ***** out of the freezer, then the awful bitter beer face hit!! WOW what a difference. I'm not sure rather to thank my little sister or kill her, I'll have to do my ordering online, which can be a pain if I forget or can't find the time. But I'm a believer. Thanks! I can't wait to gradually try them all!! God Bless,
Mesquite, Texas
I received my order today. WOW!! I'm having my first cup of awesomely fresh coffee right now. What a difference!! I've never had a cup of coffee this smooth and flavorful. I bought the pure variety pack and it was hard to decide which to try first, but I'm having the Celebes. Also, thank you for correcting my order!! (I changed my mind from the Blended Variety Pack, and it was taken care of right away...even though it was Easter Sunday.) Needless to say, I am very impressed with your Customer Service, speedy delivery and high quality product. I will definitely be a return customer and tell all my friends (and share some coffee too : )
Largo, Florida
Hello, my wife Christine and I just finished our first bag of your Colombian and we were so impressed! We just ordered two more bags (breakfast brew and velvet hammer) and cannot wait to tackle the mail carrier as soon as he steps foot on our front yard. Man, that's good stuff! Thank you for your fresh and delicious product. We have been "born again" coffee fools.
Jeremy and Christine
Glen Ridge, New Jersey
Just wanted to thank you for allowing me to be a fool. I truly never thought coffee could be so tasty, delicious, invigorating, and down right good. You made a believer out of me.
Bradenton, Florida
I just wanted to let you know that I am a fool for your coffee, but I was paying a bit more than if I just went to the local coffee shop and bought an (admittedly) lesser product. So, I was contemplating moving towards doing that, when I got an email telling me about your discount program. That got me back to your site, and made the price much more competitive. It is still a bit more than the other, but well worth the extra money and wait. I'm not sure, now, why I was going to buy the substandard stuff; but I guess my point is that your marketing plan was effective, and I will not think of switching ever again! Thanks again for a great product.
Wichita, Kansas
Just writing to thank-you for showing me the best coffee I've ever had. My dad introduced me to your coffee a few months ago. Now, I'm hooked. It's the only coffee I'll drink. Anybody I know that even has interest in coffee, I tell about you. Keep up the good work!!! Thanks,
Lynnfield, Massachusetts
Sorry about the diatribe. I realize you are not responsible for the efficiency of USPS (which often performs well for me). Yours is indeed GREAT COFFEE! I only needed to taste it again to be so reminded. I guess, bottom line, I need to order more often rather than less.
Townville, South Carolina
WOW!!!!!!! I mean, WOW!!!!!!!! You weren't kidding when you said I'd be ruined for other coffee... and I've been drinking coffee since I was 2 years old, so I know my beans! Your coffee is incredible...literally; I can't hardly believe it. I always loved coffee; I always loved the rich flavours. Now I have new appreciation for them, now that I know what they're supposed to taste like! I just wanted to tell you that "You were right!" and say "THANK YOU!!!!"
Your coffee is as advertised: it is the best coffee I've had. Really it is more of a new experience than simply "the best coffee". It is ubercoffee. A full nose, differentiable between and amongst varieties and roasts, as it should be. Flavors complex, smooth, and even, just as you unbelievably claimed, sweet. I hope you will add more selections to your organic fair trade lineup.
Port Townsend, Washington
Please keep up the fight. I am so sick of the burnt smelling, burnt tasting French roasts. It must have been a marketing genius who convinced the American public that this is what a cup of coffee should taste like. Your American Roast tastes and smells like a good old-fashioned cup of coffee, and is much appreciated. Of course, espresso is another matter altogether. I am originally from the East Coast, where our family always served espresso with a twist of lemon rind and a splash of anisette on the holidays. And while I'm at it, I also appreciate your prompt service.
Benicia, California
It is not very often that a coffee will taste as described, but you have managed to beat the odds. Your coffee is delicious and every bit as fresh as you say it is, considering we have it delivered to Canada. I will look forward to ordering from you again, and thank you for offering your coffee to Canada.
Ontario, Canada
Thank you so much! Love your coffee (we were ***** junkies), and your customer service is great also!
Renick, West Virginia
I am not a coffee drinker. However, my partner dearly loves his coffee and I love spoiling him. When I heard about Coffee Fool and discovered that you carry his favorite bean (Costa Rican), I ordered some. He insisted that I try it. WOW! What a great cup of coffee. My favorite way to drink it? Add a spoonful of Cocoa Powder and a touch of cream. Best mocha I have tasted - ever! Even better - I am a hero in my own home ever since I started ordering your coffee. Thanks!
Georgetown, Texas
Recently stumbled across a link to your website. Read your "testimony" and thought my wife and I should give it a try. We've since received and tried your Colombian blend, and are completely hooked! Thank you for providing us an alternative to the burnt coffee craze (*****), for which we've been drinking for years now. You've got a great product, and new loyal customers!
Suffolk, Virginia
I have been ordering coffee for her and she loves it so much. Thank you and keep up the great work. We enjoy your coffee very much.
Tuckahoe, New York
I was disappointed to see that the Coffee Fool wasn't among those nominated in a recent blurb about coffee sellers. ***** and ***** were among the top ten, so that shows where peoples tastes are at, ahem... Anyone who'd vote ***** in the top ten wouldn't know a good coffee from a cup of burnt stewed walnut shells. I haven't abandoned the Coffee Fool. To the contrary, yours is the best and Nicaraguan is probably the closest thing to a perfect cup that I've ever brewed. However, work has been slow and money tight, so silly things like the phone bill and rent have come between me and an order to the Coffee Fool. When work picks up I'll be stocking up at the Coffee Fool! Keep up the good work.
Boston, Massachusetts
Thanks so much! You guys are right on it! I've bragged about your coffee to everyone I meet! I even told the gal at ***** who was grinding coffee in the store - I keep a little of theirs on hand in case we run out of yours. Since I have the Food Saver, I keep it in vacuum bag just in case - thankfully, have not had to use it lately! Thanks again! --- Not only the best coffee, but the best customer service! I like it!
Oceanside, California
After reading your intro page I couldn't have been more excited to try your coffee. The description of mainstream coffees was dead on. It was like you were inside my head! I ordered right away and eagerly awaited my package. Upon opening the mailbox the smell hit me in the face! The most delicious aroma from an unopened box! I ran back to the house, ripped open the box and lit up! Could it be? Oily beans? Fresh, sweet oily beans? I reveled in the oil and sweet smell left on my hands. I couldn't wait until the next morning. I set the auto timer and ran to the coffee maker like a kid on Christmas. Only a true connoisseur could understand such to do over a cup of coffee. It was better then I could have anticipated. Perfect balance, no bitter aftertaste. I was in heaven! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! But I think you should change the name. It is those that AREN''T drinking your coffee that are the fools!
Maricopa, Arizona
Thank you. DELICIOUS coffee!
Stone Mountain, Georgia
Well, that's it. I'm ruined on your coffee. I'll never drink store-bought again. The Velvet Hammer has hammered my brain and my taste buds. You are so right. This morning was a revelation. Rest assured, you have my patronage from now on. I'm going to have to bag up my remaining store-bought, and keep it in the freezer for emergency use only. I hope you're happy.
San Antonio, Texas
I just got some coffee beans from you. In my comments when I placed my order I wrote it had better be as good as you say. And it is. THE BEST coffee in all the world as the Greeks would say. Love it. Only coffee beans I will buy. Thank you Thank you
Rockford, Illinois
Just to let you know, I always thought I hated coffee until I went to Florence Italy this past summer. While I was there I came to love the coffee they served at our hotel every morning. Ever since I got back from Florence I have been craving that coffee, that is, until my mom gave me a bag of your Medium Italian Roast for Christmas. It tasted just as good if not better than real Italian coffee! Now I'm addicted and so is everyone else I work with. It turns out I just hated "American Coffee." Keep up the great work!!
Zanesville, Ohio
I received your coffee yesterday (very fast shipping just two days to MN) and after 20 years of coffee drinking, this is buy far the best cup of coffee I have ever had!!!
Rev. Robert
Trimont, Minnesota
I just had to write. For my entire adult life, I have been the less-popular tea drinker at social events, coffee houses, the office, etc. I always wanted to like coffee but could only tolerate coffee ice cream or a ***** caramel frappucino. Recently, we ordered your Hawaiian Kauai coffee, and I drank and LOVED a whole mug of coffee for the first time ever. I am so excited to try your other beans now! And not only does your coffee appeal to my taste buds but also to my social conscience as well. Thank you!
Ashford, Connecticut
Coffee is just as perfect as described. I love knowing that I can drink a large mug of coffee with the confidence that never again will I have to experience a dry, tongue sticking to the roof of your mouth sort of film coating my oral mucous membranes, no dry, hacking throat...even after the most loathed act of reheating day-old coffee in the microwave, because it's just that good, you don't want to waste even a drop...and most importantly a joyous, bountiful experience of flavor and pep to my step. I plan to colorfully describe, inspire and direct all of the medical students here at the University about the masterpiece experience that accompanies a morning with your coffee. Thank you for rescuing me from the terrible blends and boring old flavor offered by large chains, old-name grocery store brands, and gas stations. Relieved and on my way to pour another cup.
Dayton, Ohio
Always on the lookout for decent coffee, and also believing strongly that over-roasted coffee is burnt and not "good" the way I have heard other claim, I decided to try your stuff. Well, I am a guy that has always put sugar and milk in my coffee (I put herbs, spices, and sauces on my meat too!), and when I sipped my first cup I said to my wife "Wow, there is way too much sugar and milk in this coffee!" It is just ever so clear to me that while I like SOME sugar and milk in my coffee, I had to load up on them to overcome the bitter and over-roasted flavor in other coffee. I am now perfectly happy using 1/2 the sugar and 1/2 the milk in your tasty freshly roasted coffee. You have a convert, and a customer for as long as you keep serving up the tasty coffee you now do. Foolishly yours!
Saratoga, California
I received my first batch of coffee fool coffees and couldn't resist brewing up a pot after smelling it. But then something interesting occurred. I went to reach for the sugar as I normally do and then I stopped and remembered that the beans are supposed to be sweet. To my surprise they were and I put the sugar right back where it was. My teeth thank you and so do I. I look forward to trying more of your coffees. A friend of mine is a big Kona fan so I will have to pick some of that up for him. It kind of has a nice buzz to it as well.
Newton, New Jersey
Hello! I just rec'd my seven bean blend. It is delicious! But I'm sure you already know that.
Palm Harbor, Florida
This coffee is great and as soon as I see how long it takes me to go through a bag, I'll be back for more!!!!
Jackson, California
Thank you. Love the coffee. Love recommending you too.
Westcliffe, Colorado
First of all, I would like to BERATE your company for RUINING coffee forever! It must be the Coffee Fool from now on or death! Thank you!
OMG! I've just received my first order...fabulous! You've made a new customer for life. Thank you!
Sequim, Washington
I just wanted to write and tell you how great your coffee is. Well, you already know that! We are placing our second order today - - trying different coffees each time to get our favorites, then we'll arrange to have automatic shipping. Thank you so much!
Manassas, Virginia
I just wanted to write and say thank you. I was perusing email the other day and saw your add which I found very intriguing. After reviewing your enticing line of coffees and being tempted to leave the "big dollar" coffee house at which I have become a regular, I decided to try two of your coffees for myself. All I can say is my old coffeehouse is history, my grinder works great, your customer service is impeccable, and the coffee is AMAZING! Thank you for bringing a great coffee (and company) to market. I am certain to be a longtime customer!
Naperville, Illinois
I actually found your website by accident, and after reading the intro, I was a tad skeptical. I was tired of old, sour coffee, however the internet isn't always a place of savory business endeavors. Needless to say, after days and days of reading and re-reading your website, I caved! I bought a bag. I figured, the worst case scenario was that it was run-of-the-mill coffee and I'd drink it. So I had it shipped. It came the day I was leaving for the weekend, so I hastily made a pot as my room mates watched and laughed, saying "It's going to be the same as any other coffee." Boy, were they (and I) wrong! The coffee was simply sublime! I had to spread the good news. I packed in my bag: my coffee grinder and my new found love courtesy of the Coffee Fool. Needless to say, I converted all my family back home to coffee fools coffee. Even my father, who is notorious for drinking day old coffee reheated, said that your coffee (hours later and reheated!) was still the best. I am continuing on my converting journey. You have the power to revolutionize the coffee drinkers world. Most of us have accepted what we've been given as a selection to purchase. Not anymore!
Warren, Michigan
Your warning on your website is accurate. After I have had your coffee I had some at work and was unbearable.
Las Vegas, Nevada
OK bought a pod coffee maker... thought I loved it, but tried your coffee at a friends and love it...more!
Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!! You have "Saved Us" from the "Coffee Netherworld"!! Our order of Ethiopian Harrar and Columbian Supreme arrived yesterday afternoon. My wife and I sat down to our first cup of REAL COFFEE at 9:00 am. this morning!! We brewed a pot of the Ethiopian Harrar and enjoyed the delicious aroma as it brewed. Then we sat at our dining room table to enjoy our first cup, along with a piece of home-made Cinnamon Raisin toast with blackberry jam. You may, now, put us down on your list of "COFFEE FOOL CONVERTS"!! We can guarantee you that we will never again buy our old coffee, now that we have found "COFFEE HEAVEN"!! Yours for a Better World; Peace!
John and Sharon
Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
I am enjoying my first order of Coffee Fool coffee, and I AM IMPRESSED! I like rich and strong coffee, and so I tried French Roast, Italian Dark and Firestarter---I LOVE THEM ALL-- but I think, having tried all three, one right after the other, I like French Roast the best--- All three of the coffees make a nice, strong, rich tasting cup of coffee without any bitterness or unpleasant aftertaste---SO----as soon as I am finished with this email, I am going to your web site to order some more French Roast!
Grapevine, Texas
This is definitely the best coffee I've ever had. In fact, I threw away my other coffee afterwards! I'll be ordering from you now.
Pasadena, Texas
Dang! Just sampling my first order from "The Fool" (Colombian Supremo and Swiss water decaf version of the same)...man, is that good stuff! I mix them together.
San Antonio, Texas
My mother lives with me...she likes plain black coffee...I LOVE the flavored...I bought 3 kinds...time to reorderand I want to order her some "Plain black" ...she always says my coffee "smells so good" when I grind it...
Dallas, Texas
My wife calls this her Post Coital Coffee: she claims to get a secondary orgasm from the taste and has cut from 5 cups per day to only one: which she sips in the music room while she enjoys all the sensations she is experiencing. I have tasted it and have to admit that it is the best taste I've ever had in coffee. No more double sugar with cream -- this coffee is great right as it is. Glad I was directed to you. Thanks for the product, the service, and the experience of your coffee. You now have a dedicated customer.
York, Pennsylvania
Just got my three bags, and it's great! I haven't gotten such fresh coffee in a while. Thanks for the great beans,
Baltimore, Maryland
I stumbled onto your website by accident and I really love the whole thing. I had the habit of brewing my own fresh coffee, after having selected a blend that was usually made to order. I enjoyed my strong fresh coffee very much indeed. There was no going through the day without it. Ever since I came to the US from India, I have had no time to brew my fresh coffee and hence have resorted to stale, sad-tasting coffee from the nearest deli or coffee shop. After seeing your site, you have inspired me to go back to my old habits. I have had my blend of coffee imported from India, and have resolved to taking time out making myself a fresh pot everyday. Thank you very much and I fully support you on this. I have this traditional method of brewing coffee with the help of fine cultured porous cloth. I have had those brought in too from my Native. A resurrected coffee Fool,
I received my order, and in all honest, I was ready for disappointment. The website had to be exaggerating. It just had to. I was wrong. The coffee was every bit as good as the website claimed it would be. I've been trying to refer people to the website left and right. It's great stuff. I have a recipe for a barbecue rub that uses coffee. I was wondering what flavor you might recommend for it. Thanks for your time.
Irving, Texas
What an awesome impulse buy! Now, instead of smelling like an odd marriage of dirty socks and a last-ditch-effort air freshener, my dorm smells like a bed and breakfast. Tastes great, too. Yum.
Santa Cruz, California
My son sent me the link to your site just this morning. I read it with particular interest because, as a self taught roaster, (with a home made machine) I learned that coffee that is three to six (maybe seven) days old has the most complex taste. Because of this I sell it only in one town, Middlebury, Vermont. I service everyone twice a week and try very hard to have just the freshest coffee for them. My whole operation (I'm sort of retired) does only about 60 lbs per week. My customers are loyal and I find it a good hobby/business. Your pride in quality and willingness to explain why old coffee tastes flat should keep you in business for quite a while.
Santa Cruz, California
Dear CoffeeFool, I just received your coffee today. It is AMAZING--the best coffee I've had so far- by a long shot. You guys aren't lying when you say it's fresh! Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it!
Darlington, South Carolina
Dear Coffee Fools: My wife and I received two bags of coffee yesterday. We both are serious coffee lovers and have long been patrons of ***** and *****. Unfortunately after drinking yours, of ***** and ***** don't brew up. Your coffee is wonderful, full bodied, robust, with many flavor variances that make drinking coffee a unique pleasure. Thanks folks. Needless to say, we have now joined the ranks of "Coffee Fools".
David and Joy
Spur, Texas
I just received chocolate cherry and cinnamon coffees and WOW...it is heavenly! Can't wait to get regular for my husband! Thank you for fast shipping and excellent customer service.
Jacksons Gap, Alabama
I think your website is so witty and entertaining that I will be sure to pass it along to my coffee-drinking friends. But, I must admit that the allure of coffee is only in the smell of a fresh brew. I can't get it past my lips! Thank you for the entertainment and maybe someday I will be bold enough to try the "Snoodle Doodle"! Cheers!
Gaithersburg, Maryland
The coffee I ordered came and we used it on Saturday. It was wonderful. It was sweet, as you had promised. I usually take a normal sized cup of coffee with 2-3 spoons of sugar. I drank this coffee straight black and it was just delicious. I also felt that it gave me a "high". I am confident that I will be ordering more in the future.
Carrollton, Texas
You guys are funny -- and great! Thank you so much for the offer of the discount, as I am sure I will be buying my coffee only from you in the future. This morning I made the Caramel Nut, and it was like "drinking" dessert! When I came home this evening, the kitchen was permeated with the wonderful aroma of caramel coffee. Yum! Didn't you at one time have that really expensive, supposedly solid gold coffee -- Blue Mountain? (Or am I thinking wrongly?) Well, I hope y"all are making a fortune; you deserve it!
Thousand Oaks, California
Okay, I tried your coffee, now will you take a trade-in on three boxes of ***** and one bag of *****? I'll send you all four for one of yours. I was VERY skeptical about your claims but ya walk the walk not just talk the talk. Thanks, coffee, mmmmmm!
Garnett, Kansas
My husband and I just received our first order today. We couldn't wait to make a pot of coffee with it!! All I can say is, OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Where have you been all my life?? ha ha We are hooked!! I'm telling all of my family and friends about your company!!! Thanks for the first REAL cup of coffee I've ever had!!
Walker, Louisiana
Received your coffee packets, 1-Hawaiian and 1-Cherry blend, and that was some of the very best coffee that I've tasted in quite awhile. Keep up the good work!!!!!
Greenacres, Florida
Oliver here. I found your ca-razy website via my streaming google web clips and your funny and catching tagline interested me in a click. I was soon immersed in a world of coffee freshness and revolution. It was an internet savvy company whose sole mission was to provide the United States with honest, freshly roasted, delicious coffee. I liked you guys from the beginning. Though, I must I am not a coffee nut, not at all. In fact, I make fun of my father for drinking two carafes a day. But when I got to reading your front page I soon found out why I had developed a hate for coffee. It always smelled sooooo good, and just delightful, but never delivered on the taste. It's because they were fooling me all along. The coffee wasn't fresh. So I decided to give you guys a go, indirectly. I bought a package of Ethiopian Harrar for my gf"s parents. I would get to know how good your coffee is through a couple of expert drinkers of the stuff. Their verdict rang true, the most smooth, delectable coffee they ever had. Hazzah! I have found it! The greatest coffee in the world! So now, I decided to get into coffee. Haven't had a maker in my life, much prefer the other black stuff...well green... tea that is. And I am ready for your product. So good show and keep up the good work, fools! The millions of coffee addicts out there will catch wind of the revolution in the air, and soon no one will want stale coffee, but only the freshest and best.
Noblesville, Indiana
Hi folks! I have an auto-ship arrangement set up and would like to cancel. Of course, it's not to stop getting your wonderful coffee. I've concluded it is more efficient for me to order coffee when needed. I also like more variety and my auto-ship is for the same types of coffee. Going forward I'll just order whenever I need more coffee. I've been spoiled and find that NO cup of coffee matches the taste, quality and freshness of your coffees. Since I discovered you, I've become a coffee fool.
Santa Ana, California
This just proves how fresh your coffee is. I bought some from you around Christmas time Last year. Don't ask me how but a bag was put away in with the Christmas Decorations. Ha. So when I opened it up, thinking the coffee wouldn't be that great. The smell was wonderful. My husband ask if I was making coffee, ha, That's how it smelled through out the kitchen. Needless to say I will be ordering more often now. Just thought you might like hear how fresh your coffee stays, even 1 year later. I have given and served your coffee and have always been ask, mmmmmm what kind of coffee is that? Happy Holidays and have you ever thought of going into HOT CHOCOLATE?
Council Bluffs, Iowa
I love the coffee you sent home with us. Just finished the bag up :-( I'm going to order some--it's dee-lish!!
Oceanside, California
I am always pleasantly surprised to get such prompt and clear responses from a company when I make inquiries. That type of customer service is also much appreciated by customers and your responses make me feel glad that I wrote!
Norcross, Georgia
OK - WILL do! Best regards and thanks again - by your excellent attitude for getting me back on track onto my true path! Much appreciated!!
Bellevue, Washington
Well I drinking my first CUP and I have to say THIS COFFEE IS WONDERFUL. I'm AMAZED as you said I would be. HAPPY. Now, to take some to work where we brew daily at my middle school tutoring [over the phone] job for the Los Angeles School District.
Sunland, California
Very very very good coffee. As a side note, Now you've done it! My wife is totally spoiled after seeing and smelling the oily beans in your bag. She thought the off-the-shelf ***** French roast beans were the best in the world, but I made the mistake of putting a sample of them alongside some of your Fair Trade French Roast beans. Have you done this? The visual difference is incredible. The taste is not even comparable. You beat ***** hands down.
Chillicothe, Iowa
Received my chocolate cherry coffee yesterday and made a ploy first thing this morning. oh HEAVEN!!!! thanks for the FRESH.
Murphy, North Carolina
Just wanted to let you know I LOVE your coffee!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful variety of such good coffee. I can't make it through my mornings without my coffee fool! A new, loyal customer,
To the gods of the fools (hehe), Just got a package of your Kona, absolutely amazing. Reading your site, was a bit skeptical, thinking it was just a way to get people to buy your coffee. Boy was I wrong! This is the best tasting stuff I've ever had. The first day I got it, I accidentally drank like 5 cups in the morning and was a bit...tweaked. Thanks for this fabulous coffee...my mornings are that much better because of you :) just another fool,
New Brunswick, New Jersey
I just had to write and let me know that I ordered my first three bags of coffee from your site last week (Colombian Supremo). All I can say is that it is, by far, the best coffee I have ever had. You've got yourself a regular customer! Thanks for the great coffee and, yes, you've ruined me for all other coffee.
Belcamp, Maryland
Received my coffee today (fast service) and I can't wait to try a cup. Since I don't get out of the house very often, you coffee fools might be a large part of my Christmas giving. Can't believe I stumbled across you but I'm certainly glad I did.
Dahlonega, Georgia
Today my first order for some Colombian arrived. I am enjoying my first cup right now, and am hooked already! I am a flight attendant and try the local blends wherever I go. My favorite coffees, so far, are the ones that are roasted in Germany, and some in France are OK. But this Coffeefools" coffee is THE best coffee I've ever tasted! The fresh flavor is unreal! It tastes like (wait, I have to take another sip... ) dark chocolate! Wow! Thanks for this super product!
Oak Hill, Virginia
You're right, I'm ruined. So much for *****, *****, or any of those other gourmet losers. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Richmond, Virginia
I first visited your website exactly two minutes ago after reading an interesting google ad. I just wanted to say, "GREAT JOB". Your content is rich, and your writing style captivating. Perhaps someday I'll even get to try some of your coffee- regardless of consequences, of course!
My first order of coffee arrived late this afternoon. I couldn't wait to try it out, so I brewed up a pot of the Brazilian Santos, strong drip grind, and drank it black with a few grains of sugar. W O W! Smooth. Fragrant. This is COFFEE. I discovered you by following a link within a link within a link--I think? Be that as it may, your coffee is what coffee is supposed to taste like. Given half a chance, you could soon put ***** out of business. You haven't heard the last of me. I will be back!
Glendale, California
Keep up the good work. You are soldiers in the revolution. No one should be subject to the kind of coffee being offered most places. I have ordered from you before and your shipping costs are quite reasonable I think I will make you my coffee roaster of choice. Thanks for really good coffee.
Palm Harbor, Florida
Maybe we are caffeine idiots, all; however, I believe that a quality cup of coffee is essential to setting the mood for the rest of the day. I have been searching for a FRESH, FULL-BODIED coffee without the usual aftertaste that could peel paint from a battleship. The way of the coffee merchants world seem to be to sell the consumer either a bean that is so bland that it should be beige when it pours from the pot; or, conversely, it is so burned that it should be very dark gray, the color of ash. Only twice have I encountered a coffee that had a wonderful full body, that did not give my tongue an acid bath: once at ***** in San Diego and, luckily, now with Coffee Fool. For me that coffee is Puerto Rican Yauco. It is truly a superb coffee. It was so good in fact that I decided to give all of your coffees a try over the coming months. I am one of those people who can appreciate different roasts, blends and varieties, depending on my mood and health needs. Thank you for offering quality coffees at a fair market price. That's very rare indeed.
El Canyon, California
I tried the French roast today, and now I am really hooked! I love strong coffee - although a lighter one is nice at times as well. I really can tell the difference - you make drinking coffee a special treat!!!!!! I will never drink "stale" coffee again! *****'s pales in comparison! I am spreading the word as well! I have a friend who owns a coffee shop in NY and I emailed her your website, and my rave reviews.
Austin, Texas
I ordered a gift certificate (print) with my coffee order but it was not enclosed with my shipment. I can't find a way to print it from the website. Of course, I might be so wired up on your coffee that I simply can't figure it out. OMIGOD, I haven't tasted a Costa Rican coffee this good in 20 years - I am not kidding!!!!
Tracy, California
Coffee arrived yesterday! I was soooooooo excited I could hardly sleep! This am around 6 or so I ground the Hazelnut beans which by the way, as soon as I opened the package the wonderful aroma filled my kitchen! Made the coffee and ran back to hop in the shower. I filled my cup as well as my husbands. What an awesome way to start the day!! Thank you again for such a "true" coffee experience!
Charlotte, North Carolina
WHOA!!!! I just had the very best cup of coffee I have ever had! I found your website by (fate) mistake, and am hooked! I am one of those very very picky coffee drinkers...hates *****, tolerates *****, endures *****, refuses ***** in any form, enjoys the novelty of *****, and has made embarrassing scenes in restaurants that declared that they had excellent coffee. I don't drink much coffee per day, but what I do drink, I insist on perfection....and you are IT! Thank you
Tucson, Arizona
My coffee arrived today, and I made some Puerto Rico Yuacon right away. It was by far the smoothest coffee I've ever had! I first tried it black, and it was not bitter as I expected. then I added a little splenda--even better. I felt guilty with the addition of creamer. Talk about gilding the lily--wow! Anyway, is there a system so I can continue to get this fairly regularly, and lock in a price? Bottoms up!
Pennsauken, New Jersey
Thanks for my recent delivery. You were right - I'm now ruined for life! Stale coffee just won't do anymore.
Pasadena, California
You guys are too much. Thanks for your prompt reply (on a Sunday!!). Not only is your coffee excellent; your service is as good as the coffee. If you ever need an unsolicited endorsement you've got it from me.
Marblehead, Massachusetts
Is there a way to arrange for delivery for a specific date in the future? I'm going out of the country for a few weeks, /down under/ as they say, and would like to have fresh coffee available when I get back--yes, as you forewarned, my taste buds have been ruined. Despite all the stuff that I put into my coffee--no coffee purist me--I can taste the difference between fresh and stale coffee. I can even taste the difference between the first days of a new bag and the last. Even so, the latter is vastly superior to what usually passes for coffee in restaurants and *****. My wife, who used to be perfectly happy with /instant/ coffee, will now drink only the coffee I get from you. I hope that you're happy that you've ruined both of us--we sure are!
Granada Hills, California
Thanks for making my wife and I FREQUENT FOOLS. Your coffee is simply the best! We love it!
Sylvania, Ohio
Can I just say WOW! The coffee is amazing. Such a clean, fresh taste. It's as though I've never had "real" coffee before, which it seems I have not! I adore the 7 blend and the Scottish is lovely. I haven't had the Colombian yet, but am certain it will be just as wonderful. Thanks Fool!
Melrose Massachusetts
I received the coffee yesterday and tried it this morning. It is the best coffee I have ever had! Thank you for catching me with your ad. I will order from you from now on.
Greenville, North Carolina
I just wanted to write and say "THANK YOU!" for making such awesome coffee! My husband and I were skeptics, but after the first sip we were SOLD.
Black River, Wisconsin
Arrived today and drinking my first cup. This called for one of my better cigars. You didn't fool me, this is above excellent.
Whittier, California
I just needed to tell you how great your coffee is. I have been ordering for the past few months, and won't drink anything else. I am even taking my coffee grinder and your coffee on vacation with us for the weekend. I'll use the coffee maker the hotel offers, but not the coffee. I simply refuse to drink anything out of a can. I don't even drink coffee when we go out to eat. If it is not your coffee, I won't drink it. Just thought you should know.
Hitchcock, Texas
You were right; it is among the best coffee I have tasted. It was obviously roasted this week, and the freshness comes through with every sip!
Round Rock, Texas
After reading coffee fool my husband and I tried the fresh beans and vowed never to return to the stale canned or "vacuum packed" versions of coffee. I was spending nearly $300.00 a month for the coffee store beverages! Now we have our own grinder and fresh beans!! No more dragging myself to the coffee store at dawn's early light!!! Freedom to have our coffee as fresh as possible and whenever we want it! Thanks for sharing your info, I have told too many people to count about your site! We give beans and grinders as gifts!! Oh joy!!! Here's to you Coffee Fool!!
Your coffee tastes insanely exquisite. If I were a coffee snob, I could come up with all of these robust, fruitful adjectives to describe the coffee. I was skeptical, but, you've left me with no doubt. Fresh is where its at. Your coffee is fresh, and, now it is my coffee.
New Orleans, Louisiana
I just wanted to let you know that both my wife and I are completely devoted to your product. She loves the Snoodle Doodle and my current favorite is the Malawi. I look forward to receiving our order so I can try two new coffees.
Tallahassee, Florida
Thank you for reading this email. I have been a coffee fool fan for about 6 months now. As a big fan of coffee I was skeptical that I would find a brand of coffee that would cause me not to go back to store bought. I was wrong. There is something very unique about your coffee and I am hooked. In fact I have turned my brothers and sisters and many other friends and co-workers on to your brand.
Thank you for the quick response! You guys are so great to work with because you are so quick to reply! Not only do you have GREAT COFFEE, but you have GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!
You are "right on the money" - before noon. Thank you very much for the fast service and excellent coffee. We are hooked. Just another "Coffee Fool"
Plymouth, Wisconsin
I am a first time customer of your product. This has to be the best tasting coffee ever.
Rosamond, California
Hey Fools, I just had the best cup of coffee I have ever had!! I got my order and cracked open the Tanzanian Peaberry.......Wow! what a cup of coffee. Thanks.... another order will soon be coming your way. Im a coffee drinking Fool....
Drew, Mississippi
Absolutely the finest coffee I have ever had - and I am a former ***** member and long time coffee "fool" myself. DYNAMITE!
Thanks for being and delivering what you promise - I'll be back, along with anyone I talk to who's into keeping it real as far as their morning beverage. Thanks again for the top quality and speedy delivery. And fair prices.
Warren, Michigan
I should have listened to your warning, now I'm hooked. I have also been impressed with the quick and efficient service "the Coffee Fool" provides. Keep up the good work. I think it is worth the couple of extra dollars for a better cup of coffee.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Just receieved my first shipment of your coffee....WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! No I'm not going to beat you up, I'm going to THANK YOU!!! No more 'coffee house barrel' coffee for me.....I can't believe the smooth richness of the flavor.... Thanks for a truly enjoyable coffee drinking experience.....I'll be ordering again!
Sykesville, Pennsylvania
Okay, okay, ya got me. I read your "sales pitch", and I tried your coffee. Turned out you guys had a point. The coffee was AMAZING.
Aldie, Virginia
I just wanted to say thank you... I somehow came upon your website. I was very skeptical to order -- left your website, revisited again, and finally said what the heck and made the purchase. I can't tell you how pleased I am with the flavor of the coffee -- it is very smooth and rich. I've shared it with everyone in the office and we are all loving it! I'll be back to order more. A couple of guys in my office just purchased some as well (non-flavored) so I'm waiting for feedback from them. Keep up the good work!!!!
Lawrenceville, Georgia
Thank you, thank you, thank you!! My husband is the coffee drinker in the family and since I am the coffee maker, I am always looking for better coffee for him. I saw your web site, ordered coffee which I received two days later and he has been in heaven ever since! I even had a cup and the coffee was so smooth and full flavored that I loved it (a little cream and sugar helped a bit) but he has been drinking coffee for 50 years and never had any coffee that was as good as yours! So, no more grocery store purchased ***** coffee for us, we are sold on "fools" coffee and want to thank you for your wonderful products and fast and efficient delivery.
Takoma Park, Maryland
Let me say this, I started my home coffee brewing about a year ago when an employee of the evil dark empire made me angry. I am a perfectionist and am constantly trying to perfect my coffee. I moved with my wife to Charleston, SC and was appalled by the extremely bitter coffee that we get here. While searching the Internet for the "correct" way to brew a cup of French press coffee, thinking it was my fault, I surfed onto your web site. I was very skeptical of you coffee claims but thought I would give it a shot. Holy Fresh Coffee. This has been one of the best improvements in my coffee since I added water to it. You have got to be kidding me. What great coffee. Thanks, Converted customer from the dark side.
Charleston, South Carolina
To whom it may concern, This is the best coffee I have had. I really enjoy not having that stale aftertaste that I get with other coffee.
Dania, Florida
You just got yourself a repeat customer. Guess I'll cancel my ***** account.
Middletown, New Jersey
I've traveled. Bought Kenya AA in Nairobi, visited the roasting plant in Lae, Papua New Guinea, used to fly to Colombia, (still the best) and drank coffee all over the world. This is the best French Roast I've ever tasted. I'll order more when it's gone, and it'll go quickly. Plus, it arrived quickly, also.
Woodbridge, Virginia
YIKES!!! I just ground and brewed my 1st pot. I guess THIS is what FRESH coffee is! I feel a little on the inside like Steve Martin did in The Jerk in the Happy Feet scene
Wingate, Indiana
Love your coffee! I'm completely hooked and will have others convinced, I'm sure of it.
Riverside, Illinois
I love this chocolate mint so much and have told others about your great coffee. Pile on the chocolate mint, Serious Fools. Keep up the good work.
Concord, North Carolina
Love your new site...still love your coffee too!!! I have turned quite a few friends on to your site and they love it too!!! Thanks,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Thank you. I have become a true coffee fool.
Johnson City, Tennessee
Thomasville, Alabama
I try others, but I keep coming back for more of yours.
Sharon, Massachusetts
This is the most wonderfully addicting extravagance I've ever ordered for my husband, sons and myself! Finally coffee like it tasted in the coffee growng areas of the world. My secret? I hide the Blue Mountain before my grown sons and their friends get to it. MAGNIFICENT, DELIGHTFUL COFFEES! I myself refuse any other coffee including *****.
Rosamond, California
I LOVE!!!! your coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
Newark, Delaware
Delicious Coffee!!!! My mother order from you a couple of weeks ago..... No more ***** in my cup! Thank you!
Richmond, Virginia
Fabulous coffee, wonderful delivery!
Norwich, Connecticut
I hope you're getting new customers :) I tell everyone I know about you! I only drink one, albeit large, cup of coffee most days, so it has to be GOOD and YOU KNOW GOOD!
Jacksonville, Florida
You are tops of coffee!!!!!!!!!!
Locust Grove, Virginia
This is the very best coffee that I have ever had. It is far superior to anything else. I am surprised that everyone in this country does not drink your coffee. Thank you so very much.
Medina, Ohio
Still love your French roast, but the Kona is a really nice change when we're feeling selfish and want something that really tastes good. Keep those oh-so-fresh shipments coming.
Marblehead, Massachusetts
Your coffee is fabulous! I may not be able to drink anything else. It just may be the closest thing to true love yet!
New York, New York
Dear coffee fools, thanks for your great service.
Seattle, Washington
You guys are the bomb!
Lake Forest, California
I am hooked on your coffee. It's great!!!
Bradenton, Florida
Thanks, you guys make my mornings bearable. I got everyone at work drinking your coffee.
Kingsland, Georgia