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Pods like you've never tasted before!

After months of figuring out how to build pod machines that would enable us to pack coffee fresh off the roasting line and straight into our specially designed valve bags - we have released Coffee Fool Pods! With our pods there is none of the waiting to pack that is common with foil packed pods. Those have to wait a day or two to fully degass (stale) before packing or the foil would burst.

Our pods are different. By packing them immediately after roasting you receive the very best freshness. They cost you less and are more environmentally friendly. So if you enjoy the ever popular, super quick way to get a great cup of coffee, try ours - they are as fresh as a pod can be! Our pods work in many popular pod machines, including the Keurig (with accompanying Pod Holster which you can buy on our website or at Amazon.com)